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Prof Michel Chossudovsky


F. William Engdahl

Prof Michel Chossudovsky


Professor Arthur Noble




As spring blooms and the sun rises higher in the sky, we are going through a number of crucial transformations requiring thoughtful analysis from those of us fixated on resisting the new kind of war being waged on life as we have known it. With every passing day it becomes increasingly clear that, at its highest level, this warfare is meant to radically transform the worldwide structures of political economy. 

The crux of the warring assault has to do with the agendas of those seeking to remake the banking system. Who will dominate this process of financial re-engineering and who will be its major beneficiaries?

How will the intensification of multipolar conflicts between power blocs affect the future of how economic relations are conducted? Might this development carry with it the possibility of a reprieve from the tyranny being prepared for the largest part of the global population?

We Are Coming for You 

Those leading the assault on our way of life were able to manipulate the COVID crisis they manufactured in order to harness both media and governments to their radical agenda.

An original key to bringing about this outcome was the COVID lockdowns. The lockdowns were deliberately designed to scare and demoralize the public, discourage organized political opposition, and to attack small business and the middle class.

In this fashion the old economy was purposely set into a tailspin from which it was never intended to recover. The aim was to advance the “creative destruction” in the socio-economic sphere in order to clear the way for what “madmen” like Klaus Schwab and his lead protégé, Justin Trudeau, regularly describe as the “Great Reset.”

In this altered realm, human beings are to be genetically modified even as nanotechnology and bionic elements are to be added to some human bodies engineered to perform very specific industrial functions. The remaking of economic relationships is thus to be enhanced by the transhuman features built into the survivors of large-scale medical experimentation underway on human subjects. The precedent for the further widening of such experimentation is already established with the massive administration of mRNA injections.

The new system will allow for much greater latitude for the application of robotization and Artificial Intelligence in the operation of a depopulated society. One goal is to make the transhuman survivors of depopulation better suited to a new matrix in property relations. The ownership of property and other forms of wealth is to be even more tightly concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

The plan is to make ownership of real estate and chattel more and more restrictive as renting and leasing become even more pervasive. 

In the areas where purchases are to be allowed, individuals and corporate entities will probably become subject to a wide array of very specific regulations. These regulations will dictate what can or cannot be purchased, how much can be bought and sold, and so forth. The role of free choice in the workings of the marketplace will be dramatically circumscribed. Property rights and titles will be even more closely aligned than is already the case with the interests of power.

Similarly, in the envisaged reset the connection between payment and work is to be downgraded in favor of payment connected to the outcomes of social credit scoring in heavily monitored surveillance states. A key to instituting this social credit system is to institute a so-called guaranteed universal income that will not actually be guaranteed.

The process of social credit scoring will be largely based on observed behavior with a heavy emphasis on rewarding compliance with authority and punishing non-compliance.

With the imposition of a universal regime of standardized digital ID combined with cashless Central-Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), those in control will acquire the capacity to facilitate or prevent the full array of financial transactions right down to the capacity to purchase food. The absence of cash will facilitate the making of comprehensive records covering every monetary transaction.

In Canada Justin Trudeau and his Deputy Prime Minister gave a sneak preview of what the makers of the Great Reset have in mind when it comes to the connection between finances and politics. The federal authorities revealed a great deal when they ordered financial institutions to freeze the bank accounts of targeted Truckers. Trudeau and Chyrstia Freeland disclosed more of their strategizing when they went on to discuss shutting down the business licenses, driving licenses and insurance of their political opponents.

Extensions of these same tactics of economic warfare are being replicated on a global scale. Russian President Vladimir Putin became a major catalyst for the intensification of the contest of economic sanctions and counter-sanctions among competing economic blocs. Putin kicked off this change with his announcement of his government’s intention to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

Downgrading Markets and Upgrading Political Determinants of Business Success

The favored treatment afforded especially to Pfizer and Moderna corporations by governments throughout the manufactured COVID crisis can be taken as a prototype of the kind of economic policies that can be expected in the future. The so-called private sector will remain in operation although success in business will be determined more by government dictate rather than by successful competition in free and open markets.

The advantages extended to the injection companies have been numerous and large. For instance the US government extended to these pharmaceutical firms major financial backing in order to develop their injections at Warp Speed. Most of the world’s governments eliminated and bypassed their safety regulations in order to allow companies to get their injections to the public over a period of months rather than years. 

In the midst of even short and half-hearted medical trials, double-blind procedures were abandoned in the middle of tests. In spite of the fast rate of product development, the injection companies in all countries were extended indemnification from being sued for problems in their products.

Then governments went on to allocate funds for advertising campaigns to promote the new medical products as if they were “safe and effective” while they were really nothing of the sort. The government regulators turned the other way in order not to take notice of evidence amassed by the injection manufacturers that the medical products were known from their inception to be dangerous. Only a court ruling prevented Pfizer and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from hiding damning evidence from the public for 55 years.

The deep secrecy attending many facets of this genetic modification of the human genome in the name of fighting COVID-19 is a pre-eminent attribute of the current plunge into medical experimentation on human subjects. The precedent now established is probably intended to make medical experiments on human beings a major feature of the Great Reset. 

Once the offering of carrots had run its course, many governments along with their corporate patrons and clients resorted to the stick. Many governments mandated the injections by twisting the law to make employment, education, business contracts, and various licensing arrangements dependent on whether groups of workers and students took the required jabs.

The whole time the myth was maintained that the throwing away of the rule book for the protection of public health was the result of some sort of benevolent public-private partnership. The mantra of public-private relationship forms the gospel as preached by Bill Gates’ GAVI and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The big problem with this model is that we have been robbed of public representation by corrupt officials such as Justin Trudeau who take their directions from the corporate sector as represented by lobbies such those in and around the WEF.

The COVID injection fiasco demonstrates the irrelevance of market forces in the Great Reset.  Supposedly the so-called private sector has some say in the process where governments make the call of who should be considered winners and losers in the realm of business. Since 2008 the corporate leviathan, BlackRock, has come to play a significant role as a proxy for the privately-owned Federal Reserve in the United States. 

In the name of meeting the requirements of providing expanded credit to smooth over the financial devastation initiated by the nonsensical lockdowns, BlackRock was called upon by governments to determine what businesses and corporate sectors were to receive preferred treatment.

The Truckers and the expert witnesses they brought with them to Ottawa exposed to a worldwide audience the ignorance and hubris of WEF initiate, Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has since become an embodiment of the kind of opportunistic politicians that are
robbing the public of genuine representation. This loss of any capacity for average people to affect national policies  illustrates the emptiness of the claim we live in democracies.

In the Parliament of Australia two Senators from Queensland have taken the discourse beyond the level of the exchange that exposed Justin Trudeau and the Canadian NDP as such enemies of working-class people. Senator Garard Rennick explained that “the COVID vaccines don’t work. They don’t provide immunity and they don’t prevent transmission, hospitalization and death.”

Senator Rennick continued by illuminating the insidious cover up of vaccine injuries through “the gagging of medical professionals.” He concluded it is time to “stop vaccine rollouts, vaccine mandates and vaccine discrimination.” 

Senator Malcolm Roberts named the Australian Select Committee in COVID-19 as a “protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry.” He called for some reckoning with all the fraud and murder that has combined to create the basis of monumental crimes perpetuated by the administration of the dangerous injected remedy for COVID-19.  Senator Roberts concludes,

“To the Prime Minister, to the Health Minister and the Health Department and all of those in the Senate and House of Representatives— all of you who have perpetrated this crime I direct one question: How the hell do you expect to get away with it? We are coming for you. We won’t let you get away with it. We have the stamina to hunt you down and we damn well will.”  

These same sentiments are percolating to the surface in many jurisdictions where the gene modifying injections are killing and injuring many.  

What Narrative Should Prevail?

Just as news about the scandalously high rates of death and injury from the COVID injections started to get major public attention, the confrontation in Ukraine dramatically shifted the focus of worldwide news coverage. 

Public attention was dramatically drawn away from the manufactured COVID crisis to other areas of conflict seemingly on the far side of the earth.

Some, including Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, have argued that the time has come to put behind us COVID controversies, including mandate issues. Others, however, argue that it is more important than ever to remain vigilant and expect the delivery of new horrors coming
from the same cabal who for two years have overturned life as we have known it. 

This kind of renewed assault is probably inevitable unless we can bring about some means
of realizing the objectives sought by Senator Roberts. We need a method of requiring legal accountability on the part of the perpetrators of the COVID crimes including those arising
from the unprecedentedly high rates of injection deaths and injuries.

The manufactured COVID crisis created the basis for the assault on the economy, small business, and middle class through lockdowns. The ongoing economic assault on our way of life continues to take us into unknown territory with growing inflation and ever increasing signs that the value of the dollar is about to collapse.

These developments should not be blamed on COVID-19. The same crew who lied to us so consistently about viral infection and spread, are now telling us that we are headed into many new storms of upheaval all because of the supposedly unprovoked Russian assertions in Ukraine. Without a careful assessment of the historical genesis of the current conflict, no
sound analysis is possible.

Dr. Robert W. Malone Takes Centre State

In a speech he gave in the Washington DC area as part of the US Truckers’ movement, Dr. Robert Malone presented an overview combining analysis of the ongoing COVID restrictions combined with a geopolitical assessment of what is going on in the world. News of the convergence of the US Truckers in the US capital was largely overshadowed by the torrent of news from Ukraine. Nevertheless the inventor of the mRNA process at the basis of the Moderna and Pfizer shots gave a very impassioned and thoughtful account combining hard science and social science, domestic affairs and international issues. 

Dr. Malone emphasized that the two years of round-the-clock lies to justify COVID restrictions, injections and mandates are just early “skirmishes” in an ongoing push to radically remake society along the lines being pushed by the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund. 

With literally thousands of WEF graduates from its young leaders program now in the upper echelons of governments, media and business, it is becoming increasingly clear that Klaus Schwab’s organization is a major factor in the assault on our way of life. The WEF’s golden boy, it seems, is Justin Trudeau. More than half of Trudeau’s cabinet members are WEF insiders. The true headquarters of the Canadian government is thus Davos Switzerland, not Ottawa. 

Dr. Malone put an intense analytical spotlight on Justin Trudeau. He explained how Trudeau
and Chrystia Freeland let the cat out of the bag when they went after the bank accounts of
the Truckers and also those who contributed money to their cause. This approach to warfare against the most effective political opponents of those in power presents in microcosm a pattern being replicated on a much larger scale at the highest level of international affairs.

COVID Manipulations and Election Rigging

My effort since I began writing about COVID issues in February of 2020 has been to attempt to see as a single complex narrative, the totality of news concerning the attempted transformation of our way of life. At the highest level this push for depopulation, total information control, unlimited Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism is coming from the top echelons of the world’s primary bankers’ cartel. 

While news about the celebrity virus remains at the core of this narrative, the unfolding story of our life and times often meandered into seemingly unrelated areas like cancel culture and the destruction of statues, Black Lives Matter and the burning down of city centres, as well as the controversy over election fraud in the United States. By seeing events in a broad way one can readily see that a single structure of command and control is pulling the strings and directing public attention to maximize public confusion and disorientation. 

The story of election fraud in the United States, for instance, was very much connected to how the COVID plandemic was manipulated by the likes of Mark Zukerberg to transform rules for voting. The system was rigged to allow the flooding of the system with mail-in ballots that can easily be fabricated and manipulated to bring about fraudulent outcomes.

Then the media piled on to control the story by dictating what could or could not be reported. This very aggressive version of “information censorship” essentially misrepresented any effort to expose what had really taken place. The courts continued the fraud by simply refusing to adjudicate conflicting accounts of what had happened. 

Another element of the fraud was to clamp down in reporting the news in ways that favoured candidate Joe Biden over President Donald Trump. A big part of the rigged election in the United States was the suppression of coverage on Hunter Biden’s so-called LapTop from Hell. Hunter Biden is, of course, the drug-addled wayward son of current Election Fraud President, Joe Biden. 

Elections cannot be legitimate if the media conspire as a regimented pack to repress information in ways that advantage one candidate over another. And yet that wrongful manipulation of the public record is exactly what transpired in the prelude to the rigged US election of November 2020. 

The Laptop from Hell Helps Expose US Bioweapon Operations in Ukraine

Now the contents of Hunter Biden’s LapTop from Hell are finally being given serious attention in the US media and in the US criminal justice system. Hunter Biden was paid big money in Ukraine by Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky is the same Ukrainian oligarch who sponsored the electoral campaign of current Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky. 

Part of Hunter Biden’s business involvements in Ukraine have taken place through Metabiota Inc., a company active in financing a number of Ukrainian bioweapons facilities that fit in the same circle of intrigue involving the Pentagon, the Wuhan Lab, and the Deep State culprits Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak’s Eco-Health Alliance.

The long and short of these revelations is that Operation COVID-19 and the breaking news coming out of Russia, Washington and Ukraine and all is very much interconnected.

Once again, the pace of strategic revelations and disclosures is overwhelming in depth and scale in spite of the extent of the coordinated censorship by Big Tech and the big media conglomerates.

New Media Whistle Blower 

One area in bad need of whistle blowers concerns the media cartels. Martin Sharman, a British Executive of Sky News and ITV, has come forward with some important revelations on the intimidation of media outlets to create a single monopoly of uniform interpretation.

Sharman points to the British media regulator, Ofcom, as a key culprit that led the sabotage

of evidence-based reporting in the big broadcasting systems. Sharman’s voice is one of many pointing to the BCC as the main global point operation in making sure a single narrative dominated worldwide coverage at every stage of the manufactured COVID crisis.

It seems the BBC is a very active propaganda operation with many channels and international outlets in many different languages. These attributes make the BBC an obvious nexus for black ops in coordinating the worldwide flow of mass communications.  Apparently criminal suspect Bill Gates was one of the operation chiefs feeding the news into the BBC nexus of global reportage.


Peter Koenig

Global Research, September 16, 2022

What we are living these days – the last 2 1/2 years – may be culminating in the “Corona Crisis” and what follows the corona crisis during the coming some eight years to completion of UN Agenda 2030, alias the Great Reset.

It started out with a fake virus, never isolated, a tremendous fear campaign, lockdowns, forced wearing of dangerous, denigrating, face-disfiguring masks, social separation and division of societies, families and kins, followed by a coerced “vaccination” campaign, better called forced “vaxxing” – injection of a poisonous killer substance under the pretext of preventing a pandemic that never was a pandemic, but rather a “plandemic” – designed for a [b]massive population decimation program.[/b]

Simultaneously it was a test to what extent people may be manipulated to obey, when exposed to fear-fear-fear and coercion. Lying has become the “rule of law”. As we are witnessing, the combination of fear and threat is quite successful. People out of fear and total submission accepted basically a “suicide vaxxination”, beginning with the elderly and infirm – those who are an “unproductive burden” on society – or as Klaus Schwab’s top advisor, the Israeli “genius” Yuval Noah Hariri calls them, including most of Us, The People, the “Useless Eaters”.

The first article, short whistleblower videos and interview with Reiner Fuellmich, of the German “Corona Ausschuss” (Corona Commission), deals with the extreme form of vaxx eugenics which is clearly homicide, or first-degree murder.

Video: The Corona Crisis: “We’re Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder”, Forced Vaccines in Nursing Homes

Peter Koenig and Reiner Fuellmich, September 13, 2022

The second article attempts to provide a historic perspective on mind manipulation. It is going back more than hundred years – demonstrating on how our minds were consistently and persistently maneuvered to allow this Diabolical Cult to finally carry out their – what they would like to see – Final Agenda, or Great Reset – a new One World Order, a society reigned by a small ultra-wealthy elite, served by chipped and 5G-controlled, insect-eating transhuman serves, who own nothing but are happy.

That’s their vision – the WEF’s Schwab cum Hariri couldn’t present it better. They clearly show us, what they are up to – and this in full execution of their sinister program – and a vast majority of Us, the People, still ignore it. Look the other way. Can’t accept the hard and miserable truth.

Torn Jeans and “The Great Reset” – A History of Mind Manipulation

Peter Koenig, September 13, 2022

The third article is about the up-and-coming Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) – “Owning the Weather”, causing severe and lasting droughts, hurricanes and floods of never-before seen proportions and ice-age type cold spells – massively destroying food crops, infrastructure and human lives. This has been in the making for the last at least 60 years.

Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) constitute instruments of “weather warfare”. They are an integral part of the US military arsenal. A 1996 Study Commissioned by the US Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier, Owning the Weather in 2025 – says it all. 

Although plenty of publications on the subject, including by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are available, the topic is taboo among environmentalists and Climate Change freaks. As you may imagine, they are an integral part of the intense and ongoing mind manipulation.

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