Fritz Springmeier

Fritz Springmeier presented confirmed proof that
Skull & Bones derived from the Order of the Bavarian
Illuminati because eyewitnesses who broke into the

Skull & Bones headquarters at Yale University (a building call
ed "The Tomb") copied down the words in German from the wall
there, which described the REGENT level of the Order of
the Bavarian Illuminati. The 2004 movie "The Good Shepherd"
(with Matt Damon and Michael Gambon) showed how, after WW2,
Skull & Bones brought all of the "lluminati" knowledge of British
intelligence into building up the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Britain continued to lead the world of intelligence long after WW2.
The CIA has always remained a group that runs black-ops
not for the USA but for the "Illuminati". Hence, the CIA was
always involved in importing cocaine and heroin for"Illuminati"
profits and it only waged a "war on drugs" to stamp out any smaller
competition to the "Illuminati". In Yale alone, the roster of secret
societies feature Skull & Bones (also called Brotherhood of Death).
Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Wolf's Head (which has a military focus),
Myth & Sword, Manuscript, Aurelian Honor, Berzelius, and Yale in China
(of which Zionist Freemason and puppet Mao Zedong was a member
before becoming "leader" of China). All "halls of ivy" are teeming with
secret societies.

The point in a circle symbol is a VERY important occult symbol used
by the "Illuminati". Among other things, it represents what you see when
you view a Zionist Freemasonic obelisk from above, and it is found on the
logo of the British Air Force, which is one of the most brutal and genocidal
organizations in human history that has never known any other
"warfare technique" than to terror-bomb civilians until the target country
in question submits to total enslavement and oppression by the "Illuminati
", or in particular by a central-bank being owned or controlledby the Zionist
House of Rothschild.

Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe
what you say. And that is why Voltaire wrote:

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"
One cogent proof ofthis theory is that it is now known that the vast majority
of US soldiers who fought in Iraq believed that Saddam Hussein had some
involvement in launching the 11 Sep attacks (although they were done by the Zionists)

. That is why the "Illuminati" (Zionists, Kabbalists, Freemasons
and other Satanists) run satanic rituals, i.e. in order to more
easily convince Goyim-Gentiles of the fake narrative they give to
the major events they launch. To demonstrate their confidence that
Goyim-Gentiles will never catch on, they encode these events with
satanic symbolism and numerology. The "Illuminati" sometimes refer
to this persuasion-effect by the maxim "

Monkey See, Monkey Do.


1. Dick Cheney (whose immediate greed factor was his CEO and
board status with Halliburton). Cheney is a Zionist "Illuminati"
Satanist who was the "Illuminati" handler of GW Bush (a programmed multiple)
and a former head of the CFR. By the common ancestor Mareen Duvall,
Cheney is related to seven presidents of the USA, who include O'Bomber,
Theodore Roosevelt and Dirty-Harry Truman;

2. Donald Rumsfeld (whose immediate greed factor was his involvement
with Bechtel Corp). Rumsfeld is a Zionist "Illuminati" Satanist,
former chairman of RAND Corp, participant in Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove
Bechtel Corp, Hoover Institution, US ambassador to NATO. He led the
campaign to legalize aspartame. And when ABB (Asea Brown Boveri)
gave nuclear WMD to North Korea,Rumsfeld was a board member;

3. Condoleezza Rice (whose immediate greed factor was her involvement
with Chevron). Rice is a Zionist "Illuminati" Satanist who was National Security
Advisor, director for Chevron Corp, Carnegie Corp, RAND Corp, the CFR,
Charles Schwab, Hewlett Packard, Transamerica Corporation, the Hoover Institution;

4. Larry Silverstein, who built WTC7 as a satanic trapezoid. Larry Silverstein
is a Zionist "Illuminati" Satanist who only paid pennies on the dollar to buy
the WTC complex (which was a series of condemned buildings in 2001),
but he won 4.55 billion USD dollars in the associated insurance scam.
Larry Silverstein is called "lucky" because, by pure "coincidence", chief judge
John-Mercer Walker who ruled on the insurance claim by Silverstein Properties.
Walker was a fellow Satanist, a relative of Satanist GW Bush and a member of
Skull & Bones, which all means that the money was " made and kept in the family".
Larry Silverstein is also called "lucky" because he skipped his routine break
fast on the top floor of the WTC North Tower on 11 Sep 01 by pure "coincidence".
Larry Silverstein is a Mossad agent and we already know how Mossad
warned Jewish workers in the WTC not to go to work there on that day. We also
know that the "Dancing Israelis" were Mossad agents who all admitted that
they had advance foreknowledge of the attacks. So, Larry Silverstein was definitely
in on the false-flag operation;

5. Rudy Giuliani, who was named by Time Magazine as "Person of the Year 2001".
Giuliani is a Zionist "Illuminati" Satanist, a homosexual cross-dresser,
and has a brother-in-law operating in organized crime. But he is secretive about
revealing his Satanist beliefs. It was Giuliani's decision to place large diesel tanks

Fritz Springmeier On The Satanic Ritual Used For The Zionist 11 Sep Attacks.doc
in WTC7. It was also Giuliani's decisions that ensured that the emergency-radio
system in WTC7 would be defective so that the rescue teams would be hampered;

6. GW Bush (whose immediate greed factor was his involvement with major oil companies).
GW Bush is a Zionist "Illuminati" Satanist puppetician who appointed no fewer than ELEVEN Skull & Bones members to his regime including attorney general Robert D McCallum Jr, a Rhodes Scholar and his former roommate.

The "Illuminati" do not consider what they believe to be "theory". Their beliefs can
easily be verified by anyone who is, for instance, bothered to read the books of Zionist Freemasonic authors such as Albert Pike, Manly-Palmer Hall, Albert Mackey and other
such authors.

"Illuminati" magic means getting people to do your will, even something simple like making a sandwich.

The "Illuminati" define the PURPOSE OF A RITUAL asa vital part of "Illuminati" life
that is used to control the participant's thinking and to alter life. The "Illuminati" define
the VITAL ELEMENTS of a satanic RITUAL as the following lineup



3.Geometric patterns;


5.  An ode to the specific deity that is being worshipped
(Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Molech, Baphomet etc.)

6. A burnt sacrifice or the killing of human beings, particularly Christians;

7.  Often hypnotic trances;

8.  The venue is an unsacred satanic site (such as Mystery Hill NH,
the WTC-NYC, the Pentagon-DC);

9. The date must be a special day venerated by Satanists;

10. All ceremonies must be carefully orchestrated with total precision.

Spurious numbers, chosen purely for their ritualist
ic effect, were a core part of the Zionist satanicritual of 11 Sep2001.
In "Illuminati" ritual, the pentagram is closely associated with Baphomet,
i.e. with the hermaphroditic goat.

A very common symbol in Satanism is a goats-head superimposed on an inverted (satanic) pentagram. This latter symbol is pictured on the cover of Anton LaVey's book "The Satanic Rituals". Note: Anton LaVey's book

"The Satanic Bible" was published in 1969 and it constitutes the "1969 spirit"
commemorated by the Eagles in the titletrack of album "Hotel California",
on whose inside- cover Anton LaVey is pictured. In Feb 1982, Eagles manager

Larry Salter admitted in the Waco Tribune Herald that all the members of the
Eagles were involved in the Churchmof Satan and that the song "Hotel California"
was actually a tribute to that organization. Note also that Satan's terrain in the
Bible is usually depicted as being a kin to what the lyric explicitly names "
a dark desert highway

Every Zionist Freemasonic lodge has twin towers (called Jachin and Boaz)
at its entrance, and has a Temple of Solomon on the inside. Most Zionist
Freemasonic lodges have fake windows. The Zionist Freemasonic altar is the
Temple of Solomon and the checkerboard-pattern floor, both usually located
on the ground floor. There is often a basement and often at least one upper floor
in every Zionist Freemasonic lodge.

Christoph Friedrich Nicolai was a Zionist Freemason, a member of the Order of
the Bavarian Illuminati and the handler (or mentor) of Adam Weishaupt, who
was the founder for the Rothschilds of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati
(which was founded on 1 May 1776).

Crucially, Christoph Friedrich Nicolai described the sign of Baphomet,
and the unholy pentagram, as the most powerful symbol of all ceremonial rites.
There are two significant deliberately-incomplete pentagrams in this story.
One was the "hole in the Pentagon"  that the Zionists encoded into their attacks
of 11 Sep 01. The second is the deliberately-incomplete pentagram in the stree
-plans of Washington DC, originally completed by Freemason Pierre Charles L'Enfant
for the streets around the DC Capitol (and US Congress paid him exactly 666 dollars
and 66 cents for his efforts).

The meaning of a hole in a pentagram in satanic lore is explained of all
places in the drama "Faust", written in the early 1800s by satanic Freemason
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was also a member of the Order of the
Bavarian Illuminati. In the play, Faust is perturbed as to how Mephistopheles has
gained entry to his abode despite the obvious presence of a pentagram intended
to protect , so he asks: "

The pentagram prohibits thee? Why, tell me now, thou Son of Hades,
if that prevents thee, how camest thou in to me?

". Mephistopheles readily explains, saying: "

Inspect the thing; the drawing is not completed; the outer angle, you may see,
is left open 

". And that, in a nutshell, or straight from the quill of expert Freemason
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, means that the

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