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Matthias Chang

Matthias Chang

Global Research, December 13, 2008 - 2008-12-12

A few weeks ago, I warned in my website that the Dow would dive below 7,000 at the earliest by end of December 2008 and at the latest by the end of the first quarter 2009.

Any responsible central banker would want to control a downturn, preferably by a gradual slide of the market as opposed to a sharp hard landing.

But events and data have revealed that these financial handlers are not responsible and are hard core gamblers in their very soul.

Their mindset is that of the ultimate gambler and nothing in this world will change their behaviour not even the thought that millions will starve and die and that national economies will be shattered. They are totally unconcerned as the devastating consequences of their actions.  And anyone still having illusions about their altruistic aims will be disappointed.

The stock market and the derivative market is their ultimate casino. Fix this in your mind in the months to come. Then you will understand and agree with me and my conclusions in the next few paragraphs.

Global Financial Domination

The present global financial tsunami has given the 12 elite global gamblers and 2 maybe 3 central banks, the opportunity of a millennium to confiscate un-imaginable wealth and power and to reign supreme over the entire planet.

Since the massive injection of trillions into the major global banks by the FED, Bank of England and to a lesser degree the European Central Bank (ECB), many financial commentators and economists of all hues have been lamenting that the banks are not lending as per the aims of the “rescue package” but are instead hoarding the monies. Various reasons and excuses have been made to justify this massive hoarding, unheard in the history of banking.

I will now reveal the real and hidden reason for this hoarding.

It is this. Bernanke and Paulson have been directed by the controllers of the Shadow Money-Lenders that it is time to make the ultimate bet on the global casino – the playing of the $Trillion dollar chips.

This gambit is risky but they have been assured by the “financial models” created by economists, the Nobel Laureates such as Myron Scholes etc. that they will win hands down!

Should the bet misfire, be assured also that the world will enter the dark ages for years to come. But the 12 chosen elite gamblers have been primed and are ready for the ultimate gamble and they are not concerned about our welfare.

$8.5 Trillion no less is the pot of money that they can throw at the casino table, maybe more. This sum is over half the GDP of the US which has been estimated at US$13 Trillion. The global GDP is approximately US$60 Trillion.

There is no entity in the world that has the means and the control of the casino to match their betting power. So these elite gamblers are determined and more than confident that they will win and win big.

This is because their mindset is that of a gambler and that the world is a Casino.

They have completely in their calculations divorced their strategy from the dynamics of the real economy.

This will be their fatal mistake and their downfall. But my pleas will fall on deaf ears.

The Ultimate Bet

What is uncertain and unknown is the timing of this Trillion dollar bet. But my estimation is, just before the crowning of Obama on 20th January 2009.

The logic of these gamblers is that when they place the trillion dollar bet in the global casino, the markets will surge in one huge rally – the reversal of a tidal wave. When that happens, everything will be “sucked-up” and recede in the belly of the ocean (the gamblers financial pockets)

Those of us who have had the experience of the Tsunami will understand. The incoming Wave destroyed everything in its path. And when the force reversed, everything was sucked backed into the ocean, leaving the dead and damages on the beaches!

Therefore, I expect a huge rally soon.

The chosen elite global gamblers know that this is their one and only chance to total conquest and financial power. This is because should the Dow decline below the 7,000 mark and other stock indexes dive in tandem, no force will be able to trigger a reversal of the trend.

The hoarding of Trillions in the coffers of these chosen elite gamblers is the equivalent of giving extra fuel or ammunition to these financial terrorists to unleash their evil deed of devastation!

How high the rally, I cannot forecast. But I am confident that this gamble will fail. Had this bet being played in late 2007, there was an even chance of success. But it is too late now for this gambit.

The financial cancer has spread all over the body. Not even the immediate surgery and transplant of the organs will change the course.

Given the situation and the desperation of the Controllers of the Shadow Money-Lenders, this bet must be played. It is all or nothing. This is their mindset.

Just place yourself in their position, one with a warped mindset. You have $8.5 Trillion, maybe more. There is a chance for you to amass maybe US$100 Trillion or more on this one bet. If you fail, a slow but still a luxurious death awaits you. What would you do?

“To hell with the rest of the world, I will take my chances and even if I lose, I still have a couple of billions” will most probably be your frame of mind.

As I said earlier, they will fail. The Dow will surge, but will explode and dive with such ferocity that the world will suffer a massive heart attack from the shock of the collapse. THE DOW WILL SINK LIKE THE TITANIC!

If you are a gambler and want to take a chance and go in and buy then sell at the top, by all means do so, provided you have the inside intelligence possessed only by the chosen elites.

For the rest of us, start building bomb shelters!

You are all forewarned.

Stop these financial terrorists!


Matthias Chang  

Recently, I wrote:

1.    “Wrong Medicine & Treatment For A Dying Patient” – 07.12.08
2.    “The Unbelievable Has Happened” – 09.12.08
3.    “Obama’s Gamble –The Ultimate & Final Bet …” – 12.12.08

These articles have been posted to my website in the Folder: “Breaking News” and I hope that it has prepared you and your family for the inevitable global breakdown commencing first quarter 2009.

In my last article of the above series I drew your attention that the global banks are up to no good, even though they are all bankrupt, and are intent on unleashing further devastation.

Yet, I have received messages arguing that they cannot be bankrupt as they have received billions in new capital. My answer to these challenges is simple – please read at least five times all my articles for I have repeatedly stated that these fraudulent banks’ liabilities are in the trillions, not billions. Therefore, additional injection of capital in the billions and the hoarding of the same do not alter the status quo of these banks. They are all bankrupt.

If anyone needed further confirmation, please read the latest by Reuters which reported on December 11, 2008 that Jim Rogers speaking at the Reuters Investment Outlook 2009 Summit has stated categorically: “Most of the significant American banks, the larger banks, are bankrupt, totally bankrupt.”

And bear in mind who is Jim Rogers – he was the co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund and is one of the world’s most influential investors.

Echoing my sentiments, Jim Rogers even said that the US government is barking up the wrong tree and providing the wrong solutions.

He said: “Governments are making mistakes … They’re saying to the banks, you don’t have to tell us your situation. You can continue to use your balance sheet that is phony … All these guys are bankrupt, they’re still worrying about their bonuses, they’re still trying to pay their dividends and the whole system is weakened.”

He continued his sharp criticisms and observed: “What is outrageous economically and is outrageous morally is that normally in times like this, people who are competent and who saw it coming and who kept their powder dry go and take over the assets from the incompetent. What’s happening this time is that the government is taking the assets from the competent people and giving them to the incompetent people and saying, now you can compete with the competent people. It is horrible economics.”

Following my very successful November 19, 2008 Forum at the Kuala Lumpur Mandarin Hotel, “A Strategy Forum With Matthias Chang – Will Your Company Survive The Global Financial Tsunami?”, I have noticed that there have been some conferences and seminars organized by ‘event managers’ exploiting the situation to make a quick buck, but failing miserably to address the fundamental causes of the present crisis.

Another recent event had a Nobel Laureate explaining the causes of volatility of markets. Do we need a Nobel Laureate to tell us how gamblers behave? When these experts till to-date cannot even create mathematical models to forecast the winner of a ten horse race at the turf club or to break the bank at any one of the Las Vegas casinos, what use are their models other than to con gullible investors? In fact, the present crisis has exposed the flaws and fallacies of such financial models, specifically their ability to forecast volatility, determine appropriate pricing of financial products and risks etc. The ARCH model which secured the Nobel Prize for this economist is now totally discredited!

Yet, he has the audacity to lecture us on volatility. But it is so typical of Malaysians who are always in awe of “experts” with titles and alphabets behind their names, and to listen and heed their advice on crisis management when the house is already on fire.    

The organizers, whoever they may be, seem unable to think independently and or see through the con-games structured by such economists! All they need to do was to Google “ARCH” and they would have known in an instant that it was used by investment bankers and hedge funds to gamble on the derivatives casino! Adding insult to injury, the event was organized to promote peace. How can there be peace, when such economists use their expertise to assist Wall Street gamblers to impoverish further the global economy where more than a billion people are surviving on less than a $1 a day, and now even less!

Be that as it may, the point that I want to stress here is that the “financial engineering” invented by Wall Street fat cats and fraudsters has brought the global economy to its knees!

I am most fortunate to come across a few days ago, the frank admission by one of the most admired mouthpiece of the global money-elite, that the consequences of the collapse of the US-based financial system will be dire and prolong. I refer to Mr. Neill Ferguson, touted as one of Britain’s most renowned historian. He is also the Laurence A Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, a Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University, and a Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

In his latest book, “The Ascent of Money”, he wrote:

“All of this may seem arcane to some readers. Yet the ratio of a bank’s capital to its assets, technical though it may sound, is of more than merely academic interest. After all, a ‘great contraction’ in the US banking system has convincingly been blamed for the outbreak and course of the Great Depression between 1929 and 1933, the worst economic disaster in modern history. If US banks have lost significantly more than the $255 billion to which they have so far admitted as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis and credit crunch, there is a real danger that a much larger – perhaps tenfold larger – contraction in credit may be necessary to shrink the banks’ balance sheets in proportion to the decline in their capital. If the shadow banking system of securitized debt and off-balance sheet institutions is to be swept away completely by this crisis, the contraction could be still more severe.”

Please read the underlined words again.

Recall that my 3rd Volume of the Future Fast-Forward Trilogy is entitled “The Shadow Money-Lenders and the Global Financial Tsunami” and it was the first in Malaysia to expose the off-balance sheet toxic assets that have now infected the entire global economy.

If the next quote from this historian does not make you throw up a vomit, and put you in fear, you are not human. I quote:

“It is not too much to say that in mid-2008 we witnessed the inflationary symptoms of a world war without the war itself.”

Ponder on this in the next few days BEFORE you decide to make the next investment decision. It would be your very last one, and it would be a toss between survival and utter bankruptcy. And the worst is yet to come!

The coming months will witness bloody battles on all fronts between the global money-elites and their allies in central banks (who have been brainwashed to do their bidding) and the heroic frontlines of the emerging Global Counter-Alliance.

There are only a few moves left on the chess board.
The global money-elite is counting on one final move to checkmate the global economy and to seize the long awaited goal for total control of the world’s riches.

The emerging Global Counter-Alliance has at least three remaining moves to block, counter and checkmate the financial terrorists.

In my previous article, “Obama’s Gamble” I warned that the Shadow Money-Lenders will unleash a ferocious attack using the Trillions which they have hoarded from the bailouts structured by the FED and the US Treasury under the control of Paulson. This is a huge gamble, a bet never played before by any global gambler.

But this bet has been long in the planning, as the Shadow Money-Lenders were aware of the impending crisis. Alan Greenspan had served his purpose, and there was an urgent need for a replacement, one who would be willing to make an unprecedented $Trillion bet on one last throw of the dice!

Ben Bernanke was the money-elites’ first and only choice. And they trained and monitored him for four years before allowing him to take over the reins of the FED from Alan Greenspan.

It is because Ben Bernanke was the only one who dared to offer to play this US$ Trillion bet on one roll of the dice. It requires nerves of steel and a unique kind of hubris to make such a play. Bernanke fit the profile of such a gambler, when he said in a speech in November 21, 2002:

“US dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the US government has a technology called the printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. By increasing the number of US dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the US government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services. We conclude that, under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation.”

Should we be surprised that Ben Bernanke is now caricatured as “Helicopter Ben”? Since 2007, Bernanke has dropped over $8.5 trillion from his helicopter to bailout the Wall Street fat cats. And now these global banks are hoarding the money to launch an unprecedented attack on global markets to secure total control. This is an all or nothing “suicide poker” bet. Forget about the FED and the Treasury rescuing the real economy. Bernanke and his masters are focused on the trillions up for grabs in the shadow financial system – pure lust and greed for toilet paper money.

But Bernanke and his Masters will not succeed.

The danger confronting the world will be after they have lost on the US$ trillion bet. These financial terrorists will be incensed and they will want vengeance.

So we must be realistic in our efforts to thwart the evil schemes of the global money-elites. Even in defeat in the financial battlefield, they will not surrender and will instead mobilize their hard-power to retain power.

It is therefore a given, that they will unleash domestic violence to justify military rule and to launch new wars to suppress any potential challengers to their dominance, even if it is over toilet paper money. They cannot, knowing their mindset, accept the reality of the historic demise of paper money.  

2009 will be the beginning of another historic 30-year war. But this time, it will not be confined to Europe, though it will start in Europe, but will engulf the whole world.

Obama, the “change agent” of the global money-elite, will be facilitating change, but the change will be to one of permanent wars, at least for the next 30 years. All his appointees thus far are the recycled products of the War Party who has dominated world politics for the last fifty years.

Consider the following:

1.    Robert Gates, Defense Secretary, a left over from Bush I and Bush II. Is that change?

2.    Rtd Marine General Jones, National Security Adviser and formerly Supreme Commander, NATO. Is that change?

3.    Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State who wants to wage war on Iran and supported the invasion of Iraq. Is that change?

4.    John Brennan, CIA Chief, a key player in “Extraordinary Rendition” – the kidnapping of suspects to be tortured. Is that change?

This is just for starters! Prepare for wars, more deadly wars!

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