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London, UK - The 3rd Global Vision 2000 International Islamic Business Conference and special evening of Islamic edutainment for Global Unity will take place on Wednesday June 15, 2005 at York House, Richmond Chamber of Commerce in London.

The conference theme will be developing the new business paradigm for the 21st century by "Moving towards a global network of empowered communities of collaboration."

Post 9/11 events have shown the global financial usury capitalist and socio-economic system to be in a deep crisis. The new emergent global movement seeks to envision and implement another decentralised world where people and planet come before profit.

Moeen Yaseen the Managing Director of Global Vision 2000 stated, "the time for change has come, we can no longer tolerate a world where the richest 20% of the world's population enjoys 80% of the world's consumption expenditure, a world where Muslims who constitute 25% of the world's population produce only 4% of the global GDP".

Leading Muslim finance and economic experts speaking at the conference include the Forum for Stable Currencies (Daud Pidcock), New Civilisation magazine (Sajjad Khan) and eminent Shariah scholar Prof. Dr. Noibi MBE who will be providing a global financial and economic critique for the July G8 summit taking place in Gleneagles.

A critical diagnosis of the state of the world will be provided and alternative business models and practices which can be adopted by the voluntary, public and private sectors. Global Vision 2000 will introduce leading pioneering movements inclusive of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (Krista Vardabashe), Bartercard (John Attridge), Planet Finance (Dr.Phyllis SantaMaria), Gryphon Emerging Markets (Nicholas Moy), World Future Council (Jakob von Euxell) and the European Space Agency (Gianni Garafalo).

In the afternoon, there will be several workshops running in parallel tracks which will be developing conference themes. These will be Alternative currencies, Ethical and Islamic finance and the economic empowerment of women, Sustainable development and Technology for Development.

In the evening, there will be a "Special Night of Islamic Edutainment for Global Unity" hosted by Dawah Media (Mecca2Medina) with a galaxy of exciting artists to inspire and uplift delegates to be the change. Mecca2Medina are at the cutting edge of the contemporary global English speaking Islamic nasheeds scene.

Attendees of the conference expected to attend include business people, financiers, entrepreneurs, professionals, journalists and those seeking global socio- economic justice from the UK and abroad.



Global Vision 2000 is pleased to announce our last event on "Moving towards an usury free world" will be shown on Islam Channel (Sky 836) on Monday May 23 from 1900-2000 and Tuesday May 24 from 1600-1700. There will be a programme with Global Vision 2000 on ARY on Thursday May 19. Press enquiries should be directed to Moeen Yaseen on 07818 082011 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Global Vision 2000 Ltd is a private independent company established in 2000. It is a catalytic multilevel organisation committed to a holistic global Islamic renaissance. To date Global Vision 2000 has been research focussed on panIslamic thought, technology and modernisation. It has been developing a "network of networks" and "community of collaboration" comprised of the Muslim intelligentsia, business, finance and industry. It organises special events and offers business services.


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