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Warm Regards. Emin ÇAKMAK Founding Chairman


Globalization was evident in healthcare long before it became a mainstream paradigm for the business world. For decades, patients from around the world have been traveling to various international destinations to find the best possible treatment. Yet the increasing cost of treatment in developed nations has spurred a new demand: Quality treatment at low cost with an added taste of tourism. The high cost of healthcare in the developed world is seen as a major problem for individuals, employers, employee funds, insurance systems and governments. This has shaped the medical tourism industry within the last decade.

At the crossroads between east and west, Turkey is on its way to becoming the next “center of attraction” for the global Healthcare travel market. Turkey has been going through a comprehensive healthcare restructuring, scaling up its healthcare services and escalating quality improvements to ensure a swift transition. As a result of state-led health system reforms and an influx of private investments to Turkey’s healthcare landscape, the country is now a leading alternative for international patients. Joint Commission International (JCI), an arm of the organization that accredits American hospitals participating in Medicare, has been working with healthcare organizations, ministries of health, and global organizations in over 80 countries since 1994. With 34 JCI accredited hospitals and organizations. Turkey’s private medical infrastructure now becomes one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world.

The Medical Tourism Industry grossed $850 billion worldwide in 2019 and estimates that the market will expand to $ 1 Trillion by 2025. The majority of patients are from the CIS, GCC, USA, ASIA and EU. Although there is limited research covering the trend, it is estimated that 3.5 million Americans traveled abroad for treatment in 2019. The cost savings for patients and their insurance companies seeking medical care abroad are significant. Some employers are also exploring medical tourism as a way to provide quality healthcare coverage to employees at a lower cost. In the EU and Middle East, medical tourism is often driven by the lack of timely access to quality care nearby. For example, the waiting time for elective orthopedic procedures in the UK can be months. Therefore, some patients choose to travel to receive treatment more quickly. In other areas, quality healthcare does not exist so travel is the only option.

The types of interventions that are performed abroad continue to increase. The initial focus was on elective, cosmetic procedures but has expanded to much more complex procedures including complex cardiovascular interventions, transplantation, neurosurgeries, oncological treatment, and major orthopedic, urological and general surgery cases. With an increasing number of alliances and affiliations between top US teaching institutions and foreign hospitals, the exponential increase in the number of quality procedures available abroad is a trend that is expected to continue. Turkish investors have improved Turkey’s healthcare standards and quality by investing for state-of-the-art treatment centers and the latest in medical technology. With an increasing and prospering population of 85 million, the Turkish healthcare industry offers significant opportunities for foreign healthcare investors. Today, Turkish entrepreneurs and doctors have not only created a unique opportunity for the country’s own patients, but also for global healthcare seekers. With successful treatments, competitive and affordable price levels, and a unique geographic location, Turkey is on its way to becoming a preferred health partner for insurance companies, assistance companies, self-run and the government health funds.

Turkey, An Emerging Medical Destination For Healthcare Travel
At the crossing point between East and West, Turkey's healthcare market has been going through a comprehensive restructuring. Together with continuous quality improvements, liberation, enhancement and extension are the keys to this expeditious transition. State led health system reforms assisted by an influx of private investment backed with Turkey's unique cultural and geographical parameters, the local health services landscape is on its way to become the next "center of attraction" for the global medical tourism market.

The forerunners of this transformation are Turkey's private healthcare investors. The Turkish private health care industry has fostered Turkey's health services standards by employing state-of-art medical technology. Today, not only for local patients, but also for global healthcare seekers, Turkish entrepreneurs have created a unique proposal.

In Turkey, there are 2000 healthcare institutions among these state-of-art hospitals. 34 of them are accredited by JCI "Joint Commission International". Turkish Medical Tourism accredited hospitals offer a full range of treatments through a network of locations, employing approximately 150.000 healthcare professionals, where over 15.000 of them are physicians and 10.000 of them holding US diplome Professors.

Due to its quality of medical services, geographical advantages and affordable prices, Turkish medical groups expeditiously become healthcare providers for international patients.

In 2019, we hosted over 1.087.000 international patients from 165 countries and we contributed with a direct income of over 10.2 billion USD to the Turkish economy.

Warm Regards.
Medical tourism is an emerging industry wherein millions of travelers from all across the globe migrate from one place to another to get their ailments treated. Turkey has become a major destination for medical tourists. This article will enlighten you on why Turkey is the best choice 

[*]of medical destination and what options are available for international tourists!


According to Glasgow Research & Consulting, there were an estimated 23 million medical tourists worldwide in 2019, with 2.3 million traveling from the US.  Did you know that Turkey is among the top 10 countries for medical tourism worldwide? And over 32% of individuals getting their treatment from Turkey are medical tourists.

From affordability and exceptionally skilled medical professionals, to US-accredited hospitals, Turkey has everything a medical tourist desires.

In 2018, 662,087 foreigners traveled to Turkey only to take advantage of the excellent and affordable medical care offered in Turkey.   In 2020, 388,150 patients preferred Turkey to receive medical services. We can see a notable drop in the number of health tourists, but it is due to the global epidemic. However, as we can see from the above chart, post pandemic Turkey witnessed a significant number of medical tourists and served them with quality.

If you are planning to travel abroad for medical care and don't know where to go, Turkey can be one of the most budget-friendly options. This article covers everything related to medical tourism in Turkey. Now you won't have any problem searching for information related to Turkey medical tourism.

Why has Turkey Become A Key Player In The Field Of Medical Tourism? 

Health tourism in Turkey is getting more popular day by day. People from all around the world plan to visit Turkey to get proper and top-notch medical care for themselves and their loved ones. Above all, medical tourism Turkey's prices are the most affordable compared to other countries. Turkey offers treatments like plastic surgery, Dental treatment, IVF, Cancer, neurology, eye surgery (Laser yey surgery) and many more.

Here is how Turkey has managed to become a key player in the field of medical tourism
These statistics can be attributed to:
Other reasons why Turkey has become a key player in the field of medical tourism are:
  • JCI-Accredited Medical Hospitals: One of the top reasons why medical tourists prefer Turkey for healthcare is because they are inspired by a large number of JCI-Accredited medical healthcare. Moreover, medical staff and hospitals offer patients high-quality services and top-class infrastructure.

  • Hospitality: Turkish culture and the warmth of citizens will make you feel at home. Additionally, Turkey boasts of some extremely popular tourist destinations and cuisines for one to savor to their heart's content.Affordable Prices: Apart from offering top-notch healthcare facilities with no compromises on quality, Turkey is also renowned for delivering affordable healthcare when compared against countries like Australia, UK, Italy, and Ireland.

[*]How do Turkish hospitals build a unique experience for all medical tourists?

Hospitals In Turkey For Medical Tourism
  • Did you know that many Turkish hospitals have attained accreditation from JCI? There are above 30 medical facilities in Turkey that are JCI accredited. Moreover, many hospitals are affiliated with the top US medical facilities like John Hopkins Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and others. Healthcare centers here are equipped with certified staff, the latest technologies, and over 35% experienced physicians. The physicians working in Turkey are professionally trained in Western countries.According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, around 552,000 people from abroad preferred Turkey. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, 77.5% of the health finances in Turkey are funded by the Government while the rest 17.5% of health expenses are paid by the public from out-of-pocket finances and private insurance.

Turkey Medical Tourism Packages
If you plan to visit Turkey, the following services await you. These services are incorporated into Turkey's medical packages so that visitors don't face any difficulty throughout their stay.  In Turkey, medical tourists get access to thermal spas and healthcare programs. The program offers five-star accommodations and various amenities, all so that you can get a relaxing experience!

If you are a medical tourist looking for services beyond healthcare, then Turkey can be your ideal destination.

Services Included In Turkey Health Tourism Packages:

  • Accommodations: By availing of health tourism packages in Turkey, you can relax with 5-star accommodation at affordable rates.Food And Beverages: Alongside accommodation, Turkey health tourism packages provide one or two meals per day, depending on the type of package you opt for.Translator: Turkish facilities have translators who will translate every sentence into your desired language.Spa And Salon Services: If you are receiving prolonged treatment and your stay in Turkey is for a longer duration, you can avail of spa and salon services.VIP Transfers: Are you worried about how you will travel to hospitals and elsewhere during your stay in Turkey? Then get ready to enjoy VIP transfers.Personal Assistant: Tourists who desire extra care or are afraid of living in an unknown country can seek guidance from their personal assistant.Shopping: Some health tourism packages in Turkey incorporate daily necessity shopping expenditures at a low price or no cost. You can select your desired package.

[*]Most Popular Health Tourism specialties in Turkey 
Medical Tourism in Turkey has seen a surge in recent years. After the pandemic hit the world, there was a decline in the number of people visiting Turkey for medical issues.  As soon as the situation was stable, approximately 642,444 people visited Turkey in 2021, contributing to a revenue generation of 1,048,549 thousand USD.

As we see that people keep pouring into Turkey for medical procedures, let’s look into which Health Tourism specialties attract tourists to Turkey.

Plastic surgery- One of the most popular specialties is plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures. More than 100,000 people come to Turkey for plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, breast reduction, gynecomastia, otoplasty, neck lift, forehead reduction, chin implants, lip fillers , breast lift, breast implants, etc. annually. The cost of these surgeries is also one-third the cost of the same in western countries. As per the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, most foreign patients come from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France. 

Hair Transplant- This is another procedure very famous among foreign patients, mainly from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, and Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE. The Turkish clinics produce 100% success results in Hair transplant procedures such as FUE, FUT, female hair transplant, etc. and offer the procedures at affordable costs, making people choose Turkey as their destination.

Oral and dental procedures - Turkey has some of the best clinics for dentistry procedures like hollywood smile,  veneers, crowns, implants, teeth whitening, etc. with the same quality as most developed countries. The success rate of dental treatments in Turkey is 98%. The dental procedures in Turkey are 70% lower than in countries like the UK or the USA, and the clinics sometimes provide sightseeing and vacation plans included in the treatment package. These things attract a lot of foreign patients to Turkey, mainly from Western Europe or the USA.

While these are the specialties that attract the most patients, there are other specialties like Oncology, Neurosurgery, and Hematology-Oncology, which also pull a considerable number of people to Turkey.

How can medical agencies help you meet your end goals and why are they a crucial part of your journey?

Do you know what the most remarkable thing about healthcare in Turkey is? They have specifically established an entire infrastructure to help tourists overcome every hurdle they may face after traveling from abroad and living in a new country.

Let’s understand what alternatives can an international tourist look forward to?

Healthcare Facilities In Turkey For Tourists

Some other facilities of healthcare in Turkey for tourists are:
  • Insurance: If you require long-term medical care in Turkey and if the health tourism packages are getting costly, then you can opt for private health insurance policy. The services may vary in different insurance agencies. Private health insurance in Turkey offer the following facilities:Hospital services Organ transplantationMedication costsRoom, bed, and meal services during hospitalization.Diagnostic testsICU treatmentsMedical emergency careSSD (Social Security Directorate): If you want general health insurance, you must apply for the SSD in your region. However, a private health insurance has more benefits to offer.Emergency Treatments: State hospitals offer free ambulatory and walk-in treatments to both tourists and residents. However, nominal admission charges will be imposed on Turkish residents who get covered by SGK for admission charges, but not tourists. The Turkish Ministry of Health operates around 55% of Turkey's hospitals, while the rest are owned by private companies, universities, and renowned foreign entities.Alternative Medicines: If you prefer alternative medicines over medical treatments, then Turkey will provide you with certified physicians practicing traditional medicines. For example, cupping and homeopathy. By blending natural products with different plants, Turkey is known for developing natural treatments for residents and tourists. You will also find high-quality spa centers with thermal springs all around Turkey.Availability of A Wide Array Of Clinical Drugs: Along with alternative therapies, Turkey is equipped with numerous international and local pharmaceutical industries like Pfizer, GSK, Johnson and Johnson, and many more that manufacture clinical drugs for therapeutic use.

[*]Efforts To Meet The EU Standards
Turkey aspires to join the EU (European Union) and to meet this goal, both government & private healthcare institutions have ensured that their services are in line with the EU standards. These standards are constantly being monitored by the health ministry. The Turkish Ministry of Health owns around 55% of Turkey's 1200+ hospitals, and the rest are owned by universities, as well as private & foreign institutions.


  • Many hospitals have local and international accreditations: Some accreditations that hold a lot of value and have been attained by the Turkish facilities:
    • JCI (Joint Commission International),JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations),ISO (International Organization for Standardization),Western medical groups and other facilities.
  • Most hospitals in Turkey have certified doctors and english speaking medical staff: The practitioners are certified by the Turkish Medical Association as well as other specialized organizations such as:
  • .
    • Turkish Gynecologist & Obstetric Association,
    • Turkish Orthopedic and Traumatology Association
    • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Society
    • Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

[*]If above information regarding medical practices of Turkey and other facilities have amazed you, then here's how you can plan your trip to Turkey!

Preparing For A Trip To Turkey
  • Flight To Turkey: If you are traveling from European countries to Turkey, your flight is a piece of cake. All airlines coming from Europe easily access flights from Turkey. More than 300 flights from several countries land each day in Turkey airports.
  • Medical Visa To Turkey: If you wish to travel to Turkey for healthcare, you must get a medical visa unless you are from a visa-exempt country. 
    • Except for Zambia and Gabon, all citizens from other countries must have a residency permit or visa from any of the following countries, including the US, Ireland, the UK, or Schengen zone countries.
    • Excluding India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, and Afghanistan nationals, all citizens from other countries must travel to Turkey with any of the following airlines. The airlines include Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Carriers, AtlasGlobal, and Onur Air.
    • If you want to receive a medical visa to Turkey, you must have a minimum of $50  financial resources for per day expenditure with a hotel reservation.
    • To get an e-visa, Algerian citizens must be above the age of 35 or under 18. Or else a conventional visa will be mandatory.
    • If you are a citizen of Afghanistan, Zambia, Philippines, or Iraq, you will not be eligible for an e-visa after arriving at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

  • Compulsory Documentation For Medical Visa In Turkey: You must have the following documentation while applying for a medical visa in Turkey:
    • An original and valid passport until at least 6 months of departure from the country.
    • Copies of old passports.
    • Travel Insurance 
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs with 80% face coverage, matt finish, no borders, and a white backdrop.
    • A cover letter of the applicant, including the applicant's name, travel information, passport details, and purpose and duration of stay. The letter must be addressed to the Republic of Turkey Consulate General, and authorized and stamped by the company. 
    • Hotel confirmation and return air ticket.




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