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Dear Global Visionaries

We are outlining the missing dimension which the experts, government and mainstream media are not informing you about. We are not surprised as how can the blind lead the blind. The deaf, dumb and blind are not dealing holistically with this health pandemic. We will notify you about how you can deal with and overcome the perfect storm created by the global COVID 19 pandemic and bankrupt debt based dysfunctional destructive diseased financial usurious capitalist system. If panic and fear is not the solution what is ? This is the question we should be pondering regardless of the origins of the disease and blame game which others are focussing upon.

Certain things need to be made clear to seekers of truth that in order to benefit from truth you need to re-progamme your matrix controlled mind. The matrix mindset will rebel and reject truth as conspiracy theory. We need to make clear to you and inform you we do not deal with conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts.  If you reject manifest truths as conspiracy theories it means you can not understand reality and evolve and become what you should be and will be made and moulded into something else. It should be made clear that our analysis here is based on seeing and analysing through 2 eyes both the rational and analytical but also the spiritual and Divinely inspired. What is lacking everywhere in the MSM is the latter. So the missing dimension is the spiritual diagnosis and prescription as humanity is caught in this trial and tribulation.

It is only drawing on some that what has taken place is a global coup by dark forces who are busy centralising power, authority and control as well as looting all the wealth which is going into the pockets of large corporations via central banks and treasuries and Blackrock.  This health pandemic is a global psyop to commit daylight robbery with the citizenry controlled with house imprisonment for their own health and wellbeing. 

The situation is that of the Titanic and we are trapped by being plugged into the matrix. Are we prepared to unplug from the matrix and jump the Titanic?   Be prepared to change or be destroyed. The solution offered is an initial emergency solution which humanity can adopt immediately right here and now. It offers a practical spiritual, mental, emotional and economic response to this plague and punishment. It goes beyond secular materialist man's panic short term profit driven diagnosis and solution. Our approach is not dictated by the pharmaceutical industry nor the destructive dysfunctional diseased financial usurious banking and economic system.

The first premise here is to realise this is the Age of Dajjal[Deceit] and the establishment of a Dajjalic NWO. If you can't understand that please do not waste mine and your time and exit now as there is no hope for you. People need to realise that in the Age of Dajjal Black is white and white is black. This is an age which glorifies, exalts and obeys secular sovereignty and either  marginalises or rejects Divine sovereignty. Well a price is going to be paid for this arrogance and this is what will cause human extinction. I would like the new human extinction movement to deal with the fundamentals of human existence. It is not climate that will destroy us it will be human rebellion against Divine sovereignty that will be our demise.    

Also what we are witnessing is no viral pandemic but another fabricated false flag event envisaged in the past. This is to facilitate a controlled economic demolition and collapse long imminent due to corrupt banking and government policies. We need to recall that part 1 of the Global financial meltdown took place in 2007-8 and this is part 2. Every trick on the book has been used to keep the zombie system afloat since then ranging from bailouts, quantitive easing, austerity, market and currency rigging and trade wars. This explains why countries are imitating each other as they have destroyed their economies by monetary expansion, debt creation, redistribution of wealth and placing the bulk of assets into the hands of the 0.1%.

Those who understand that 9/11 was another false flag terror event need to realise that the GWOT is being replaced by the GWOV that is the global war of terror against Islam is being replaced with the global war of the virus. These days it looks as though bio-economic warfare is being used against human and Islamic self determination.  Like the former it serves multiple agendas and is a step towards a global Dajallic tyranny.  

One dimension that the Dajallic media is not covering fully but which is central in understanding the bigger picture is that freedom of religion is being attacked. The Corona virus pandemic has led to the Haramain lockdown which is unprecedented. What we are talking about includes Makkah and Madinah being locked down. Indeed it goes beyond that as Bait Al Muqaddas and 
Al Aqsa in Jerusalem is also under lockdown. The triple lockdown of the spiritual heart(s) of global Islamic civilisation has never been done simultaneously. Indeed it goes further as mosques globally have stopped Salah and Jumaah in Jamaah. This can only mean that the Dajallic NWO has  not only been scheming but has started implementing it's final assault on Islam. The true face of the Saudi regime is revealed with the suspension of Umrah and Hajj in 2020/1441. This will be examined hereafter and it's impact and fallout on the Ummah. More importantly the  eschatological implications will be reviewed. This will be analysed as we are on the threshold of events culminating in the appearance of Imam Mahdi and world shattering events.

What we are now witnessing is to generate fear to separate Muslims from their Islamic spiritual power which they fear. The Dajallic forces wants to exploit the weaknesses they have created and exposed in the spiritual defences of Muslims. They want to move forward with their plans for their Dajallic NWO 3rd Temple built after the demolition of Al Aqsa and the establishment of greater Israel to be the ruling power globally. For those who are deaf dumb and blind let it be clear that this will trigger a  spiritual and religious war which will destroy the world as we know. Muslims need to realise that a spiritual war has been declared by the Dajallic NWO. It will  change gear into an all out military war of conquest. The answer to this can only be faith, unity and discipline and preparation for war.

For instance Fascist Hindutva India has 2 emergencies on it's hands just now. The bigger virus that Hindutva India needs to recognise and deal with is the Islamophobia which may engulf it at it's peril. A dangerous false narrative is being promoted that Indian Muslims have deliberately spread the virus as a form of Jihad is outrageous and poisonous for India. Those peddling this malicious propaganda need to retract these false allegations.  

This COVID 19 invisible virus has sparked fear and panic by the coordinated actions of the WHO, Media and Governments. The health crisis has been a cover and distraction from the global financial and economic crisis as it has burst the unsustainable debt bubble. It has also coincided with an oil price crash which may bring down the petrodollar and accompanying tribal tyrannies. So this bubble may become much bigger than the last financial crash in 2007-8 and has parallels with 1929 and world war.  This will force a system reset to manifest itself. 

Everyone needs to realise that this financial and banking system has declared war against God and Divine commandments against worshipping Mammon and Usury. If this system is reset on similar principles  and policies but under some new world technocratic elite expect war from God befalling mankind. Expect WW3 and expect an end of civilisation as we know it and expect only one third of humanity to survive the coming disasters. As the current system is responsible for all the evils of the age from unsustainable debt, interest payments, wealth concentration, poverty, unemployment, ecocide war and genocide.

People need to realise that the war against humanity has started. The Socialist and Capitalist dialectic is redundant in understanding the situation and plight we are living under. So knocking the doors of the Left Right or Centre will not deliver. So we need to organise and educate ourselves to realise our spiritual destiny and power. We must not become victims and cannon fodder for the Dajallic NWO that is planned. We need to realise that an endgame and spiritual warfare between Dajallic and Mahdist forces has commenced. The question you need to ponder is whose side are you on is it going to be the enemies of humanity or the liberators of humanity.  

The real spiritual prescription whose time has arrived is as follows: -  

A message to all governments is to end the insane suicidal lockdown immediately as law and order will breakdown if they do not wish to see Wat Tyler's peasant revolts across the globe bursting out.

The private unaccountable banking cartels need to be replaced with genuine elected public control. 

A global debt Jubilee not debt relief needs to be announced unconditionally as the root cause of ecocide and genocide. 

Finally and most importantly the nation and all households need to look in the mirror during these days of self isolation and repent for prostrating to Mammon, unbridled greed and usurious based capitalism, hedonism and the LGBT rainbow nation.  

Repentance needs to be followed through with seeking forgiveness for going astray from the God given natural sustainable path and the nation needs to seek forgiveness from the creator of All. 

Hasbunallah and Tawakullah

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