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“Thou shalt not commit false witness” - Holy Bible

Violence can only be concealed by a lie
and the lie can only be maintained by violence
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

As everyone was reeling from the shocking events of September 11, politicians and the corporate media instantly framed them as an iconic ‘Attack on America’, i.e. something justifying an international response, rather than, say, ‘the Manhattan murders’, necessitating good domestic policework. The upshot has been a new global Crusade (‘War on Terror’) involving invasion, occupation, torture, increased racism and Islamophobia, the curtailment of civil liberties and the accumulation of emergency powers in the US of which Hitler would have been envious.

But who really was behind Sept 11? Terrorists for sure – because harmless civilians people died. But Arab fanatics misusing the religion of Islam? or was 9/11 an example of ‘false-flag terrorism’ by a public/private network of agency insiders using secret hi-tech able to make huge buildings disintegrate into dust in front of our eyes, and aiming to make Arab Muslims look bad so as to kick-start a geo-political crusade whose real aims were oil, money, drugs and world control?

Do you find this latter possibility disturbing, ridiculous, scary?

All of us have a deep yearning to rest secure in the certainty of being protected by people we can utterly trust. Such feelings are natural, but they become unhealthy when we look to inappropriate parental figures such as governments, broadcasters and ‘experts’ to meet these needs and when we cling to states of denial about real abuses.

Now that the US-UK lies about WMD have been officially admitted in the cases of Iraq and Iran, lovers of Peace will do well to re-examine the story which these same people told us about the 9/11 AMD (Act of Mass Destruction), which was the official reason given for invading Afghanistan.

“Ye who are conscious of God – If a fasiq [untrustworthy violent person] comes to you with alarming news, make sure you verify their word, lest you afflict people out of your ignorance, and regret your actions.” - Holy Qu’ran, Surah 49:6

So, if you have tended to take the word of these mainstream media sources which brought us Saddam’s WMD, may we please humbly beg you to overcome any ingrained feelings of contempt (‘crazy conspiracy theories’!) which these same media may have inculcated in you, and invite you to check whether your belief in the official Bin Laden conspiracy theory is as well founded as you have hitherto assumed.

We ask this as people of various faiths, in the trust that your faith mandates you to care enough to want to mitigate the damage done to our world by 9/11, and will also enable you to be open enough to reconsider the Official (and other) theories about Sept 11 according to reason and evidence.

‘…. and the Truth shall make you [us] free’
Interfaith Declaration


Gathered on the sixth anniversary of September 11th at Carrington St Al-Furqan mosque in Glasgow, Scotland

Committed in a spirit of Interfaith respect and dialogue to bring to bear the best insights of our spiritual traditions in the search for peace, justice and truth and against all forms of terrorism;

Aware of the value placed in all our traditions on the preciousness of life and thus on defending harmless people from attack from whatever source or sources, using whatever supposed justifications and whatever kinds of technology, large or small, publicly displayed or secretly deployed;

Mindful of the harmful effects, not solely of giving out false witness and racist rumours which collectively blame all the members of an ethnic or religious group, but also of naively accepting such deceptions and passing them on uncritically;

Recalling that several States have long histories of procuring war through the dissemination of lies and the staging of false-flag terror attacks as pretexts for wars and imperial expansion;

Believing that only the truth honours the dead and protects the living from an increased likelihood of the repetition of terrorist events staged so as to ignite new wars or mounted in falsely claimed ’retaliation’;

Valuing not solely the role in our individual lives of true Faith and deep Acceptance of reality beyond our current preconceptions, but also such related qualities and collective practices as
independent inquiry,
critical thinking in a spirit of discernment,
ability to tolerate uncertainty and
steadfastness in following the trails revealed by evidence and reason
even at the cost of being ridiculed, marginalised or threatened by those in power or those who subconsciously over-identify with the perspectives of those with most power;

Humbly aware of all our need for sensitive mutual support as we grow out of unconscious denial, and begin to face up to the frightening and painful truths surrounding 911, including the role of virtually all mainstream Western media in suppressing the voices of whistleblowers and those who question the official story of this pivotal tragedy;

Seeking no partisan or power-political objective but moved by the terrible suffering which has resulted from the ‘war on terror’ and thus

Resolving to embark on a healing non-violent ‘jihad’ (campaign) of ‘right speech’, which has been known as ‘a word of truth to an oppressive ruler’ by Muslims and ‘speaking truth to power’ by Quakers;

We therefore Declare
that in the absence of any credible evidence [see below] we can no longer go along with the official conspiracy theory and myth of the Manhattan murders of Sept 11th 2001 as ‘an attack on America’ by 19 Arab/Muslim hijackers masterminded by Osama bin-Laden;

that, although there is much that we don’t know about what really happened on Sept 11, we are now in a position, due to the clear evidence of the speed of the destruction of the triple towers (Buildings 1, 2 and 7), to rule out with complete certainty the official conspiracy theory that the towers ‘fell in a gravity-driven collapse’ consequent upon fire and ‘aircraft damage’;

that despite Hollywood elaboration of hijacker legends we have no good evidence of any Arab hijackers that fateful day and every reason not to jump to racist or Islamophobic conclusions that these terrible murders must have been done by Arab/Muslim fanatics motivated by hope of religious salvation in an afterlife;
And so We Appeal
to all people of goodwill and of faith and to all practitioners involved in Interfaith dialogue and organised networks ….
Do not leave one faith-community under the burden of supposedly having some special connection to September 11th and the phenomenon of international terrorism;

Grasp with us the nettle of 9/11 Truth, and join us in an overdue journey of self-education, not just into the truth about 9/11, but also into the mental and emotional resistances which so many of us experience when asked to awaken to the crimes and deceptions of the powerful;

Use the truth about 9/11 as a portal to further, deeper realisations about the state of our world today and what we people of faith can do to reduce fear and help to heal ‘clash of civilisations’ divisions,
establish the centrality of accountable truthfulness in public life, and
build a diverse alliance of civilisations capable of ending war and bringing sustainable peace and economic justice to the affairs of our one troubled, beautiful, threatened world.

If you feel this Declaration goes further than you or your faith group feel happy to go at this time, please feel free to adapt it, or for example, the following shorter version:

We People of Faith who believe in Peace Declare

Our conviction that whether or not religion was a factor in causing 9/11, the great religions of the world can and must draw on and share their spiritual resources so as jointly to help to put an end to terrorism of all kinds;

Our readiness to study the truth of 9/11 from a wide variety of literature, dvds, websites, presentations, etc and not solely the mainstream media,

Our willingness to engage in dialogue about 9/11 and the ‘war on terror’ with people of other backgrounds,

Our support for authoritative and genuinely independent inquiries into what really happened on 9/11 and with other high-profile terrorist incidents and scares before and since (such as Omagh, the London bombings of July 7th 2005 and the ‘binary liquids’ planes scare of August 2006, etc);

And our solidarity with any faith-community which finds itself collectively blamed for events which may or may not have been carried out by any of its members in the first place!

And in the unhappy event of further terrorist murders we appeal to all community leaders, journalists, and members of all faiths and none, NOT to jump to automatic conclusions about who has really been behind them, but to consider with open minds the possibility of some or other degree of involvement from secret state, corporate and private networks (which may have ranged from encouragement, instigation, assistance, allowing, carrying it out entirely).

Resources for further study
Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, David Ray Griffin (Westminster John Knox Press, July 2006, ISBN 0664231179); see also his Debunking 9/11 Debunking (Arris Books, Glos, 2007, ISBN 978 184437 069 6) or google his 9/11 Myth and Reality.
9/11 and American Empire, Vol 2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out; eds. Kevin Barrett, John Cobb Jr and Sandra Lubarsky (Olive Branch Press, Mass, USA ISBN 978 1 56656 660 5) – lively interfaith website for 911 truth, now moving to Christian leadership after initial Muslim lead (the site contains many of the articles in above book, look especially for the very enlightening articles by Kevin Barrett, Faiz Khan and Nafeez Ahmed).
More generally: - Scholars for 911 Truth – see especially the work of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds about the World Trade Centre complex. See also or – British and Irish campaign website. On False-flag Terrorism see Webster Tarpley’s 9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in USA and Nato’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, D. Ganser (Frank Cass, 2005).

Current Contact people
Acting Secretary AFF911T (also Buddhist contact): 01738 783677 2b Darnhall Cres, Perth, PH2 0HH ; Christian: (ret) Bishop Michael Hare-Duke 01738 622642; Catholics: Kevin Boyle 0208 654 0944  (if out please leave name and number); Quakers: Noel Glynn 0207 652 0319. Muslim: Imam Mustaqeem Shah or Haq Ghani 07968 601372. Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Humanist and other contact people actively encouraged, also alternates, local contacts,etc [8/1/08 CE]

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