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My new book, 911 The New Evidence, is now out. The press release,
which lists some of the main points, and is written for the
mainstream media, is below.

I have now been on about 6 local radio stations with the book, saying
some pretty strong things. My line is that the official story is
complete garbage, a stupid conspiracy theory, but I don't claim to
know what exactly happened. To find out, and we would find out pretty
fast, an independent prosecutor is required. For those interested in
what actually happened perhaps the most intriguing evidence is that
Raytheon were indeed testing remote control systems on civilian
Boeings in summer 2001 and that a series of high level Raytheon execs
were on the apparently hijacked planes.

I was on aljazera English last night and said Al Qaeda was always
hand in glove with the CIA, the new bin Laden video looked nothing
like him, the voice was most likely morphed and even Washington
politicians recognise that the 2004 obl video handed Bush the
election. Perhaps in response to this BBC News deceitfully stated
this morning (radio 4 9.00 am) "analysts confirmed" the video was genuine.

By the way, a series of scientists including Lyn Margolis (world
renowned biologist) and top rank fire engineers, structural engineers
and architects have recently stated the Twin Towers must have been
brought down with pre-set cutter charges (the argument is based on
conservation of momentum, any A level physics student can
understand). The official 911 story is increasingly unsustainable.

Just yesterday a senior member of the National Union of Journalists
told me that the failure of key figures of the establishment Left
(George Monbiot, Greg Palast, New Statesman, Tariq Ali, Alexander
Cockburn, Norman Soloman) to endorse the call for a criminal probe
into the Washington racketeers behind the attacks (or at least who
ensured the success of the attacks) is deplorable. In my view it is a
failure of historic proportions. The cause is a mixture of careerism,
stupidity, laziness, infiltration, and the pervasive power of the
pro-Isreal lobby for whom 911 was a godsend.

The upside to all this is that, perhaps sooner than many of us think,
the media and sections of the public still in denial will be forced
to recognise the enormity of what has happened: a group of racketeers
has participated in the mass murder of Americans as part of a larger
plot to steal Iraqi oil, at the cost of an ongoing genocide in the
Middle East. (Most Iraqis believe the bloodbath there has been
largely created by the occupation to justify their continued
presence, the old divide and rule tactic)

My book finishes with a call for a major independent criminal
commission, supervised by ordinary people (for instance relatives of
the 911 victims), with full subpoena powers to examine any file
anywhere on demand, and particularly those covered by state and
commercial secrecy. This will flush out a great deal more that just
the crimes of 911 and Iraq.

There may before long be a major opportunity to institute near
revolutionary democratic institutional change in US/UK with large
sections of the global elite - political, military, commercial and
particularly the media facing the charge gross failure and in some
cases of being accessories after the fact. There will be the prospect
of a decisive defeat for the centralisers who mean to use corporate
and state power to make us all into virtual slaves and the neonazis
in Washington and London who wish to abolish any vestige of
democratic control and institute Orwellian permanent warfare.

What can you do to help? Call phone in programmes and after you have
had your say on whatever the question add that you think it is
deplorable that national broadcasters refuse to even report that
there is doubt over the 911 official story, that it is a highly
unlikely conspiracy theory, like the lies about the weapons of mass
destruction, mention the anthrax attacks which were traced to US
military grade anthrax. Do NOT order my book from a bookshop unless
they promise to put copies on display (it sells like hot cakes, if
they won't they are operating pure censorship). If you come into
contact with politicians or media people tell them what you think, be
moderate in what you allege (so they can't go into denial and dismiss
you as a nutter) but angry about the cover-up.

Press release

7 September 2007

911 The New Evidence

A new book challenges many of the myths which have grown up around
the 911 attacks. 911 The New Evidence, out now in the UK (Constable)
and soon in the US (pub Carol and Graf), makes the case for a new
fully independent investigation into the 911 attacks. Author Ian
Henshall is available for interview.

Henshall's call for a new enquiry with blanket subpoena powers is
supported by a Zogby poll out today (ref see below): 51% of Americans
support a new congressional enquiry into Bush and Cheney's role
before during and after the 911 attacks, 30% support the immediate
impeachment of Bush and Cheney and 67% say the 911 Commission should
have investigated the still unexplained collapse of Building 7 (which
was announced to the media 30 minutes before it fell symmetrically to
the ground at freefall speed). Previous polls have found that fewer
than 20% of Americans believe they have been told the full story of
the 911 attacks. Although some broadcasters have suggested otherwise,
911 victims groups are in the forefront of demands to reopen the
enquiry. Many witnesses heard by the 911 Commission have denounced it
as a whitewash, concurring with commissioner Max Cleland who resigned early on.

Ian Henshall is co-author with Rowland Morgan of the best seller 911
Revealed, described in the Sunday Times as exposing "vast gaps" in
the official story. 911 Revealed became a non-fiction best seller.
Henshall has now trailed through a wide range of Washington
officials' memoirs, US government documents and mainstream press
reports, concluding that the myths of the 911 attacks - the lack of
warnings, the lucky 19 hijackers, the silent takeovers of the planes'
cabins, the passengers' mobile phone calls - cannot be true.

Interviews and review copies

Henshall is available for interviews. Please respond to this email to
arrange an interview. Bona fide media people should contact the press
officers below for review copies.

Background Information

Henshall has established that:

* The 2006 Moussaoui trial and Inspectors' reports have confirmed
accusations from FBI officers in the field: in summer 2001 a network
of senior CIA, Justice Department and FBI officials systematically
obstructed the FBI field officers who suspected what was planned and
could have foiled the attacks. The FBI was legally the lead agency.
CIA officers at first falsely testified that they had informed the
FBI of the threat posed by alleged hijackers Al Hazmi and Al Mihdhar
and later told inspectors they "could not recall" why they did not.

* The "anti-hijack exercise" scheduled by the Pentagon at the time
the "real" attack took place seems more than an extraordinary
coincidence and a close reading of partially released air traffic
control transcripts indicates that the exercise may have involved at
least one of the planes used in the attacks.

* If video and flight recorder evidence released by the US government
is correct, Flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon.

* The government admitted at the Moussaoui trial that contrary to the
official myth, reflected in a series of feature films and tv
documentaries, only two mobile phone calls were made from Flight 93.
One reported smoke and an explosion shortly prior to the crash.

* Condoleeza Rice falsely stated on oath to the 911 Commission that
Bush's August 2001 CIA briefing, which warned him of the possibility
of an attack within America and was still secret at the time she
testified, did not mention any specific targets. In fact it mentioned
New York and warned of a possible hostage taking. Intriguingly, the
presumed hijackers apparently told passengers on two planes that this
was their plan.

* The "Independent 911 Commission" misrepresented evidence from
Pentagon officials, made false statements and failed to ask the right
questions. The Commissioners, far from being independent, were
trusted members of Washington's permanent government. Commissioner
Hamilton the leading Democrat was a political ally of Cheney from
when they worked together to limit the Iran-contra scandal in the
late 1980's. Commissioner Cleland resigned in disgust.

* Early official reports into the collapse of the Twin Towers present
clear evidence - vaporised and sulpfurised steel, seismic events
preceding the plane impacts - suggesting that, as eyewitnesses
reported at the time, the neat symmetrical collapse of the Twin
Towers and Building 7 at near freefall speed was the result of
explosions in the buildings.

* Ex UK foreign minister Robin Cook wrote in The Guardian that the
original meaning of Al Qaeda was "the database", ie the list of
Afghan arab freedom fighters closely linked to if not controlled by
the CIA. Recent statements from officials, along with press reports
at the time, make it clear that Al Qaeda had links with the CIA or
the DIA well into the 1990's. Osama Bin laden's move from Sudan to
Afghanistan was managed by Ali Mohamed, Washington's spy at the heart
of Al Qaeda who trained Osama Bin laden's personal bodyguards.
Alleged 911 ringleader Khaled Sheikh Mohammed lived in Pakistan for
years while secretly indicted by the US Justice Department. He was
probably an asset of Pakistan's ISI. US government documents show the
ISI was working closely with George Tenet and the CIA on a secret
project in the months before 911. Its boss General Ahmad was in
secret Washington meetings with top officials and congressmen before
during and after the 911 attacks. Reports from India, supported by
the French media said that the terrorist money trail went back to
Ahmad, who took early retirement shortly after the news came out. The
claim by Washington journalist Gerald Posner that the ISI was
colluding with Al Qaeda against the wishes of the CIA seems an
unlikely explanation.

8. A close examination of the paper trail from 2000 and 2001 shows
beyond doubt that the decision (and probably detailed planning) to
invade Iraq was taken before, not after, the 911 attacks and CIA boss
Tenet was involved in the plans. The record shows an unusual series
of long meetings (denied by Tenet in evidence he gave on oath to the
911 Commission) with Bush in Texas in the weeks up to 911. One such
meeting, still unacknowledged in Tenet's recent memoirs, lasted for a
full day and included the chiefs of staff whose planes apparently
failed to intercept any of four hijacked planes. The official account
has left an unexplained and undocumented black hole of 20 minutes at
the Pentagon situation room at the height of the crisis.

9. Cheney who championed plans to invade Iraq before 911 was in
charge of the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11 and almost certainly in
charge of the hijack exercise.

10. BBC News was recently embarrassed by video surfacing on the
internet which showed an announcer stating the the "Saloman Brothers
Building" (WTC7) had collapsed while in the background it still stood
intact. WTC7 housed the largest Secret Servcice office in the US and
was the repository of high level fraud investigations. Many of these
records were lost in the collapse.

Henshall draws no firm conclusions but ends with a working hypothesis
for investigators to follow up.

pub Sept 2007 Constable (UK) ISBN 978-1-84529-514-1

"9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence"
pub Oct 2007 Carroll & Graf (US) ISBN-10: 0786720417

Ian Henshall is also proprietor of Coffee Plant (
and chair of INK, trade organisation for UK alternative print media

Zogby Poll details
For the full poll and demographic breakdown of results, see:


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