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HOME OFFICE INTERFAITHISM - DON'T MENTION 9/11? (Strategy for stopping war and Islamophobia)

I have recently sent e-mails around Christian and other contacts in Scotland, including this to the excellent Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (sister organisation to CACC), arguing that grasping the nettle of 911 can no longer be put off. The letter then quotes a letter to the Scottish Interfaith Council, which quotes my protest to the Scottish Catholic Bishops after Cardinal O'Brien recently said that now that the Pope had apologised [??] for his remarks he would like to see Muslims apologise for 911, 77 and the killing of some nuns in Africa - and why not the 'suicide' of David Kelly and the murder of Princess Diana too, your eminence?  

The exact details of this latest reliance on this 911 blood libel don't need to detain us (though they will make life more dangerous for Muslims in parts of Glasgow), but I suggest that we could use this thread to discuss how what preconditions (including non-Muslim support) need to be assembled for Muslim leadership successfully to overthrow the 'Blowback' model of the StoptheWar Left which hasn't and the Interfaith promoters of religious harmony who haven't (at least not successfully so far).

Dear Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, and SACC supporters,

You may be interested in this reply to Cardinal O'Brien's ominous call for Muslims to apologise for 911 and 77 which I have sent to the Scottish Catholic Bishops and other Christian leaders in Scotland.

Those of us with contacts in the Interfaith world should try to get 911 discussed as a major fount of current Islamophobia.

911 is as much rubbish as Saddam's WMD.  After 911, Bali, Downing St memo, Madrid, July 7, 'ricin plot', terror planes nonsense, etc it is arguably racist for well-meaning liberals, Interfaith practitioners and even 'radicals' of all faiths/ideologies and none to be so ready (for fear of being accused of being 'conspiracy theorists') to adopt intel/police/media rumors which accuse Muslims/Arabs of carrying out or planning atrocities etc without our exercising due scepticism, reason and evidence.

Most Muslims know fine well what happened on 9/11 but their leadership has hitherto (understandably) shrunk from the hostility which would fall upon them if they alone went out on a limb to expose the 911 and other false-flag terror frame-ups. lies. They urgently need solidarity in the war of ideas, a little intellectual respect and willingness to investigate with an open mind (not automatic fear of this new body of evidence which 'we' don't control; and not further sneering about 'conspiracy theories' for instance.)

So far as Christians are concerned, please encourage them to take their lead from the fearless David Ray Griffin, whose book on Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 911 (Westminster John Knox, 2006) is their best guide on the facts and the theology of 911.

Another vital text will be 911 and the American Empire: Vol 2 - Muslims, Jews and Christians Speak Out , ed Kevin Barrett, Olive Brand Press 2006, which includes Ahmed,  which demolishes the usual neocon proposition that there is any special relationship between International terrorism and Islam. Without destroying this proposition we are all the time building bricks without straw, or dealing downstream with individual incidents and oppressions, when all the time the 911 inside job  (which is a Myth in a full anthropological sense) and other frame-ups are poisoning people's minds at source.

After five years Stopthe War hasn't - and the Islamophobia is getting worse! SACC members who agree with me that, without being a magic bullet in itself, the truth about 911 is a vital missing ingredient for any successful fightback against Imperialism and Islamophobia are welcome to get in touch to join or Scottish911 network and receive information about our Scottish working conference on Nov 18th in Edinburgh.

Best wishes,  and keep up the good work,
Keith Mothersson

Dear Interfaith Council of Scotland,

I see it was in the Scotsman on Sunday , Nov 22
This carries the story in the Daily Record, Nov 23:

In the present climate these remarks are extremely serious. Like all unaware blood libels, they have the potential to lead to pogroms, however contrary to the wishes of those who casually repeat these untrue rumours.

Please can the good Cardinal's views be a wake-up call to our entire Interfaith community to no longer postpone a searching enquiry together into the truth or otherwise of 9/11 and the reality of false-flag terrorism.

Please allow me (or ask Bishop [name deleted]) to write a review of David Ray Griffin's 'Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 - a call to reflection and action'. ...

This 911 nettle keeps stinging only because we do not grasp it!

I write as the son of a manse, deeply influenced at University by Catholic layman Donald Nicholl, and now a practising Buddhist, who attends numerous Sufi events!

Goodness knows what terrible things about Buddhist extremists the Western media  would be full of if we Buddhists were sitting on the biggest oil fields!

Please do feel free to draw me in on any round table discussions on this important issue, which is devitalising the Interfaith movement and poisoning the well of intercommunal respect. (No wonder most Muslims are luke warm about what they see as 'Home office style Interfaithism' (don't mention the war, don't mention 911), when they see their own religious and political leaders 'having to' pretend to believe something that 90 percent of UK Muslims have long ago seen through!)

With best wishes,
Keith Mothersson
(Subscriber to Interfaith Newsletter)

911 Truth Movement (Scottish coordinator)
Associate Member of Scholars for 911 truth (
Supporter of Muslims, Jews and Christians United Against 911 False Witness (
Founder of sober and factual website

To: Mgr Henry Docherty.
Bishops' Conference of Scotland
General Secretariat
(and copy to Catholic media office;
also to Daily Record and Osama Saeed)

Dear Mgr Docherty,

Should Muslims apologise for 9/11?
Please encourage Cardinal O'Brien to retract his comments, which will be deeply unhelpful in the present difficult situation.

I fear that the good Cardinal is inadvertently 'guilty' (we all make mistakes) of the error of racism, which happens when we believe the worst about a group on the basis of not checking the possibility of false witness (which is integral to the workings of our godless world).

The truth about 9/11 is clear for anyone with the courage to use their own eyes, for how could three buildings collapse at speed of air resistance when hit by two planes and taking the path of max resistance down through themselves; except that explosives had been set in the buildings?

Once it is clear that the Bush adminstration lied about the buildings, why believe its simplistic 'conspiracy tale' about 'Islamist hi-jackers' - in absence of CCTV, black box evidence and any Arab names on the supposed flight manifests?

And  why believe in this tale of evil Muslims in the  presence of numerous witness statements of office-workers, fire-fighters, onlookers and masses of film footage all attesting to explosions, not to forget eight of the 'suicide hi-jackers' turning up alive and the owner's own admission that WTC7 Building had been 'pulled' ?!

We all have a right to live in freedom from attack, including the good people of Afghanistan and Iraq (estimated 665,000 excess deaths since invasion on trumped up charges) - so please will the Cardinal reconsider and reflect that he may also have been lied to about 911 and other 'false-flag terrorist events' such as London, Madrid, Bali but also dating way back to Cold War days when it was phoney 'red brigades' who used to get the blame for e.g. the Bologna railway station massacre of 1980?

I speak as a 'son of the manse' and a practicing Buddhist. If the Buddhists happened to live above such rich oilfields, I truly believe you would be reading about Buddhist hi-jackers and suicide bombers.

I realise that it may be shocking for Cardinal O'Brien and others to re-perceive such iconic events, but true faith helps us open to truth, and not push it away because it upsets us! If there is any way I or my colleagues can help with a one-to-one briefing, discussion, or dvd film showing, etc then please do not hesitate to ask.

With sincere best wishes, and in the name of Interfaith dialogue founded on truth, reason and evidence (as I believe your Holy Father recently called for),

Keith Mothersson
Scottish co-ordinator, 911 Truth Campaign (Britain and Ireland)
associate member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth (
supporter of Muslims, Jews and Christians United against 911 False Witness (
founder of the fact-based website

2b Darnhall Cres,
0845 456 4779
07815 653389

PS I attach a brilliant statement by Nafeez Ahmed on the political sociology of international terrorism.

I will also append the letter I recently sent to many church and other religious bodies concerning the work of David Ray Griffin whose book on 'Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 - a Call to Reflection and Action' (WJK, 2006) is of inestimable value for Christians of all denominations.

5th Anniversary of September 11th –  

False witness dishonours the dead

An Open Invitation to Members of the Abrahamic Faiths and others to attend a presentation by distinguished Interfaith philosopher, Prof David Ray Griffin, raising disturbing questions about the official story of 9/11.

Dear Friends,            
Shalom Aleichem!  Slaama!  Salaam Alaykum!  Peace be with you!

Please may we invite you to join us at a major public meeting at the Conway Hall in Red Lion Sq, Central London on the evening of Saturday 9th Sept to reflect on what is true and what is or may be false concerning the terrible human tragedy that was 9/11, and thereby to help replace the Clash of Civilisations framework in which it is too often seen with one of Interfaith Co-operation in the struggle for a truthful, peaceful world.

For 9/11 has mushroomed into the centre of a nationalistic and self-righteous civic cult, the founding myth of a War on Terror. This pivotal initiatory event into a new post-911 world requires, so we are assured, heightened security alerts, draconian legislation and repeated invasions and threats against oil-rich and/or Muslim lands.

Yet, strangely, for all its importance, 9/11 does not apparently require critical analysis of the facts alleged to have taken place! The 9/11 Commission was packed with insiders and ignored every kind of evidence which ran counter to the official story (firefighter and office-worker accounts of explosions, physics of building collapse and mobile phone performance from airplanes, lack of CCTV and flight recorder evidence, foreknowledge clearly reflected in supposedly untraceable stock-market put options, etc)

Despite the modern self image of the West as being capable of responding to reason and evidence, those who question the official story of 911 are often ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and dismissed out of hand - as if creating phoney events to throw blame on minorities and provide an excuse for war and dictatorship is something that no government in human history has ever perpetrated!

In late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Germany many strains of ancient anti-semitism were revived and modernised. But the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were police forgeries. Today ancient crusading stereotypes are being whipped up and each one of us needs to consider carefully whether some, perhaps many, of the big Terror attacks, are not likewise forged events (often coupled with forged videos).

All of us have a deep yearning to rest secure in the certainty of being cared for and protected. Such feelings are natural, but they become unhealthy when we look to inappropriate father figures to meet these needs and when we cling to states of denial about real abuses. The continuing blackout in the mainstream media of articles and films which question the official account purveyed by those who also brought us the Iraq War (enough said) suggests our society is drifting into a state of dysfunctional denial which dishonours the memory of the dead of 9/11 (and ensuing disasters), endangers us all and distracts from the real problems of finding just and sustainable ways to live together on the basis of true spiritual values, not cosy tales of juicy evil-doers.

Few people are as well qualified as Interfaith philosopher and theologian Prof David Ray Griffin, to calmly guide us to a new understanding of 9/11, not just the historical and scientific details, but sociological issues concerning conspiracy and social theory and the philosophical issues surrounding alternative hypotheses, probability and proof. These qualifications he amply demonstrated in his best-selling books, The New Pearl Harbour and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. In his latest book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, Prof Griffin combines these earlier qualities with theological creativity (Chapter 8 on The Divine and the Demonic breaks vital new ground) and a moving but unstrident call to prophetic wrestling with this issue worthy of a Bishop George Bell, a Dietrich Bonhoeffer or a Desmond Tutu. (It is published by Westminster John Knox Press, July 2006, ISBN 0664231179).

It promises to be a tremendous occasion! Meanwhile, if you would like to help publicise this event, please do pass on a copy of this invitation to whoever you think can benefit or pass the word (e.g. faith-based newspapers). You may also care to prepare by studying the fine essays on the website of Scholars for 911 Truth, which David co-founded: .

We began this letter by invoking Peace. May we draw to a close by quoting the Russian Orthodox Christian and anti-Soviet resister, Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

IF 9/11 is a lie, or even if it may be a lie,  it matters! Surely such a momentous question deserves the personal attention of us all. And if in fact 9/11 was Operation False Witness, then all of us who oppose racism, war and authoritarianism must work together to expose this mythic Blood-libel at the heart of the War on Terror, before evermore human rights abuses and further rounds of violence are unleashed, e.g. against Syria and Iran.

Yours Sincerely,

Angela McBride  
European representative of Muslims, Jews, Christians Alliance for 911 Truth;

AbdulWahid Hamid    
author of Islam  the Natural Way

Keith Mothersson    
Interfaith Outreach, 9/11 Truth Movement, Britain and Ireland


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