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The U.S. government has not produced any evidence proving that any of the 19 Muslims named by the FBI as the "hijackers" actually boarded the four aircraft which crashed on 9/11.   Their names do not appear on the passenger lists; no one has seen these people board the aircraft; their bodily remains have not been found.

In addition, the U.S. government has not produced any prosecutable evidence linking Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda to the events of 9/11.  According to an FBI spokesperson interviewed in June 2006, the FBI does not possess any "hard evidence" on Osama bin Laden's links to 9/11 and is therefore unable to charge him for participation in his mass murder.

These few facts are undisputed.  The U.S. has accused Muslims (whom it cannot produce, alive or dead) for having committed the mass murder of 9/11.  Being the accuser, it bears the duty to prove its allegations.  Until it does so in a compelling manner -  its allegations must be regarded as diffamatory, shameful lies.  Every decision and act based on these lies must be regarded as illegitimate.

See attachment.

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