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05-18-2008, 07:52 AM (This post was last modified: Less than 1 minute ago by globalvision2000administrator.

Change is happening everywhere and what's more it seems to be accelerated. What used to be considered as alternative and fringe has now been absorbed into the mainstream. Look back and see how much is now generally accepted that would not have been just a few years ago. There is more discussion over the implications of global warming and greater concern over the knock-on effect of our political policies. Gradually, we are starting to think more like a planet. As more of us choose to take action in our own lives to make a difference, so the tools have become available for us to share what we do with others. Worldwide alliances are now forming to give support to those who share the common purpose of creating a positive future. 

Each action we take is diverse and unique but it contributes to a greater whole. Individually we can do a huge amount but together we can make a real difference. The story of the butterfly is our story too. The caterpillar has no choice about becoming a butterfly, as long as it escapes the usual pitfalls.  It has to emerge from the primordial soup. Perhaps it's time that we should too.


We are people from all regions of the world and from all walks of life, united by a common vision, which is to strengthen and sustain an actively compassionate humanity.  We are open to any one who pursues this goal and we call upon those who are tired of passively waiting for change. We live in the in critically insecure or times. Perceived and real instability is growing in many sectors of life - but there is also hope.  The choice depends on how humanity deals with four trends, each enmeshed and interconnected with the others: war, poverty, environmental degradation and human rights abuses.  Each threat is increasing the severity of the others. These problems are all related - so are the solutions.

The aim is to create an alliance of people based on the awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness.  We believe that if enough people share the value of peace, then war can be brought to an end. If enough people shift their awareness towards social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability, then injustice, oppression and the destruction of the eco-system can be stopped. Such a shift is already occurring - now it needs critical mass which, in turn, needs organisation.  The alliance aims to connect individuals, caring communities and groups at a global level. Unity is not sought for and won. It is realised one person at a time. We envision a future illuminated by the truth of unity - a future where any boundary can be removed because it has already been brought down in our hearts. This vision is a cause for celebration. Soon it could guide us in a great evolutionary leap and provide the basis for sustainable solutions to humanity's greatest threats.

“We are on the brink of a great revolution – a quantum leap into the embodiment of the divine. Let us make this revolution together and all leap calmly into the only possible future,” says Andrew Harvey, author and speaker for the Alliance for a New Humanity Forum, in Puerto Rico on 7-9th December 2006



In the laws of science and quantum physics, everything that exists in the universe is energy and, intimately vibrating and interacting. In this world there is no separation, and so when Deepak Chopra talks about the natural world as an extension of all living beings, such statements as “the trees are an extension of our lungs” make perfect sense. If we all recognise this reality in our hearts, how could we destroy rainforests without feeling it is our lungs that we are affecting? Quantum theory supports the idea that when we act without reverence in the outer world, the inner self is affected - and conversely, positive transformation of our inner selves will have major positive benefits in the outer world. 

In his book, The Book of Secrets, Deepak captures the essence of this in the transformation of the chrysalis to the butterfly. Under the microscope one can see the cells of the chrysalis as a mass of grey cells which he calls a grey quantum soup. Suddenly, as the chrysalis transforms itself, tiny specks of bright new cells appear like islands swimming in the great mass of un-diffused cells. These islands grow and multiply, feeding off the grey quantum soup, until the bright new cells reach a critical mass. The transformation is instant and the grey mass of cells become the butterfly. From greyness to light in one magical and irreversible quantum leap.

This is a transformation that we and the world around us are making every moment; waiting for the time we reach the critical mass of transformation. This whole story becomes more profound when you consider science has shown that DNA found in the butterfly is the same as that found in the cells of the human heart. In this story maybe the natural world is whispering to us that the essence of the true transformation of the world will stem from the time when the human heart yearn to fly.

Kevin Leivers

Deepak Chopra has committed to reach the first million people so that we can take that evolutionary leap. Let us harness our resources and be part of that first million to reach a critical mass - and we too then can we write the story for a new humanity. Let Creativity and Caring be our mantra.

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