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The Syrian Civil Defense, more commonly known as the White Helmets, has emerged as one of the most effective propaganda tools for Islamist militants in Syria, with the group staging numerous provocations to draw in foreign military intervention to aid the militants in their quest to establish Shariah law in the Arab state.

English singer Roger Waters, who was a member of the Pink Floyd rock band, slammed the White Helmets as “a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists,” during a concert in Barcelona on April 13. His comments were met with cheers from the crowd. He said the White Helmets encourages governments in the West to attack Syria and he called on people living in Europe and North America to urge their governments not to do so.

“If we were to listen to the propaganda of the White Helmets and others, we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to start dropping bombs on people in Syria. This would be a mistake of monumental proportions for us as human beings,” Mr. Waters insisted.

“What we should do is go and persuade our governments not to go and drop bombs on people. And certainly not until we have done all the research that is necessary so that we would have a clear idea of what is really going on. Because we live in the world where propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on.”

The White Helmets have been suspected of having ties to the al-Qaeda* franchise, with members of the organization reportedly assisting affiliates of the terrorist group in executions and other human rights violations.  Many took to social media to praise Mr. Waters for lifting the White Helmet’s façade and exposing the group. Spanish crowd erupts in cheers as @rogerwaters calls the White Helmets a “fake organization” fronting for jihadist insurgents and denounces the Western bombing of Syria. Bricks in the wall of imperial deceptions are crumbling.

Mr. Waters is one of many who have been very vocal in their opposition to the strikes against Syria by the US, France and the UK, which were supposedly carried out in retaliation to an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma earlier this month.

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This particular military intervention – which involved the firing of over 100 missiles at targets in Syria – has proven especially controversial, mainly because the tripartite aggression was launched prior to an investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW.) UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to take part in the attack without holding a debate in parliament and seeking its approval – a convention established after the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq – is another reason why her government has been heavily criticized for its role in the strikes.

The Syrian government has strongly denied any involvement in the alleged chemical attack on Douma, and insists that it has destroyed its arsenal of chemical weapons and has never used such agents throughout the ongoing conflict.
Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group, banned in Russia.

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On Friday night ET, in the early hours of the morning in Damascus, the US, UK and France launched airstrikes allegedly (yet to be verified) against three military targets, according to Trump’s TV address.
The attacks were intended to “punish Bashar Al Assad”  for an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma. “Assad is killing his own people” with chemical weapons. The strikes were scheduled to coincide with the arrival of the OPCW investigation team, which was scheduled to start its investigation into the alleged CW attack on April 14th. Will that investigation be allowed to proceed? According to Tony Cartalucci, there is Zero Evidence: 

To date, all supposed evidence comes from Western-funded militants and their auxiliaries including the US-European government-funded front, the so-called “Syria Civil Defense,” better known at the “White Helmets.” Unverified photographs and video of apparent victims have been the sole sources cited by the US. It was a political lie from the start and then it became a media lie, which was used as an instrument of war propaganda. The war criminals in high office blame the victimsTrump accuses Assad: Persistent violations of international law”, by whom? What is the legality of Trump’s punitive bombing campaign?
Britain and France joined the United States in the strikes in a coordinated operation that was intended to show Western resolve in the face of what the leaders of the three nations called persistent violations of international law. Mr. Trump characterized it as the beginning of a sustained effort to force Mr. Assad to stop using banned weapons, but only ordered a limited one-night operation that hit three targets.

“These are not the actions of a man,” Mr. Trump said of last weekend’s attack in a televised address from the White House Diplomatic Room. “They are crimes of a monster instead.” (Guardian, May 13, 2018) It is worth noting that there were divisions within Trump’s war cabinet. According to an earlier statement, Defense Secretary Mattis was hesitant regarding the conduct of the air strikes. Earlier on Friday, President Trump had intimated that “a final decision on possible military strikes against Syria … could happen “very soon or not so soon at all” following warnings by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that “such an attack carried the risk of spinning out of control, suggesting caution ahead of a decision on how to respond to a [chemical weapons] attack against civilians last weekend [in Douma].”

Killing the Truth
Hours before the decision to strike Syria, there were hesitations. Acknowledged by the war cabinet, there was no firm evidence that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attack. The OPCW team arrived on the 13th to undertake this investigation. It was slated to start its work on the 14th. The air strikes have been instrumental in totally disrupting the conduct of the OPCW investigation.


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