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Anthony Brown
The Times January 18, 2007

Gordon Brown has called for a “new world order”, to be achieved by reorganising international institutions including the United Nations and Nato. In a marked change of tone after years in which Tony Blair has been criticised for being too close to President Bush, the Chancellor emphasised the importance of working multinationally. And, in an agenda that would involve overhauling virtually all the world’s big organisations, he promised that he would put Britain’s interests and values at their heart.

In a speech in Bangalore yesterday, Mr Brown gave details of the foreign policy he plans to pursue when he becomes prime minister, as is almost certain this year. Making his first visit to India, he said that the postSecond World War institutions had to be made fit for the 21st century. He outlined plans to overhaul the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Group of Eight (G8) industrialised countries, the EU and Nato.

He also promised to take the pressure off British troops by insisting that other Nato countries do more to help in hotspots such as Afghanistan. He pledged continuity to Mr Blair’s policies but, in a change of tone, emphasised the importance of working multinationally rather than unilaterally.

He told an audience of Indian and British industrialists: “The post-1945 system of international institutions — built for a world of sheltered economies and just 50 states — is not yet broken, but for a world of 200 states and an open globalisation, urgently in need of modernisation and reform.”

He said that he would work to ensure that the new world order would be in Britain’s interests. “We can help to build things and shape this new world order and shape it in a way that is good for Britain and British values.”

The UN should be reformed to reflect the growing power of Asia, and Mr Brown insisted that he “strongly backed” India’s bid to join the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which have the right to veto all resolutions.

The IMF would have to work to pre-empt financial crises rather than respond to them; the World Bank shift focus from purely development to promoting renewable forms of energy.

The Chancellor called for the stalled world trade talks to be restarted and condemned rising protectionism in America and Europe. He said that the EU would have to do more to embrace globalisation, rather than shut it out, saying that it would have to move “from an inward-looking union — the union of a trade-bloc Europe — to outward-looking internationalists, the union of a global Europe” .

Labour is drawing up plans for Mr Brown to face a formal ballot to confirm him as Labour leader, even if no one challenges him to replace Mr Blair (Philip Webster, Political Editor, writes).
This would avoid the need for him to “kick his heels” while the party elects a deputy leader, senior party sources said last night.


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