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I also agree that 911 lies - and people's readiness to believe them - are key to the impotence of the Western peace movements.

Herewith I copy part of a letter I wrote to Muad'Dib, the creator of the very fine 7/7 Ripple Effects film, whose film had quite a disappointing response from people involved in the (excellent) website and associated discussion forum, here and following six pages: [They are worried mostly about 'speculation' whereas I contributed a post at the end of page 5 defending disciplined story-making as crucial for paradigm shifts to deeper truths.]

" I do agree with you about the tendency of intellectuals to become
over-rationalistic and to lose touch with what affects and moves ordinary
folk. Interestingly Chomsky (who has of course done tremendous work) on the one hand has a whole discourse about the intellectuals (teachers, journalists, lawyers, readers of the posh papers and watchers of prestigious TV 'news' programmes) being the most heavily indoctrinated of all - and studies of those who still believe in the official 911 story show a very high correlation with higher 'education' ha ha.

And at the other hand Chomsky himself scorns 'conspiracy theories' - in
favour of what he calls historical and structural approaches and
institutional analyses (e.g. of minutes of committees, papers of record,
etc - etc - as if a conspiracy doesn't exist unless we can lay hands on
minutes of the 911 conspirators in session!) This leads him to absurd 911
denial - the truth will never be known, nor will it make any difference, I
can see no evidence !! [maybe he has been promised he will be killed if he
speaks out??] and thus into the same bed as people like Aaronovitch and
Cohen and the Times and Telegraph and the BBC's Conspiracy Series with their highly patrician discourse positing something wrong psychologically (the 'conspiracist mindset') with us poor peasants who lack the education to make sense of a fast changing world, and so end up seizing on simplistic and dualistic conspiracy theories [as if this didn't apply to the Official
Coonspiracy Theory!]

So long as Chomsky and Galloway/SWP/Stop the War and MPAC and Mil Rai and Bruce Kent and the International Peace Bureau etc fear for their 'credibility' if they allow themselves to put 2 and 2 together on 911, then the Establishment reckons it can shrug off our challenges. But suppose these good people with their anti-racist discourse found themselves accused of racism as egregrious as many white people in Wolverhampton and the dockers who marched to support Enoch Powell after he peddled baseless stories about poor white people having grinning picanninnies shove shit throught their letter boxes, and all with NO evidence but the racist mindset was there to believe Powell - and now to believe the Bush adminstration's equally unsubstantiated, indeed disproven, story (stories) about these Arabs/Muslims who hate our way of life.

"Ye who are conscious of God - if a fasiq comes with alarming news, make
sure to verify their word, lest you afflict people out of your ignorance,
and regret your actions."
Holy Qu'ran, 49:6

to which Muad'Dib replied with his own translation:
King of kings' Bible - Sura 49:6. O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to
you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and
afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done.

It hurts to find people so ready to believe the racist hi-jacker legend on grounds that the (white/'Judeo-Christian') administration would never lie to us would they!? 'I can't believe that the governemtn would do that' = I can readily believe Muslims/Arabs/savages would do that!! = I trust them and you less than I trust George Bush.

Even so, one can at least work with people who are prepared to follow our arguments and reply to them - but of course subconsciously people are programmed not to be able to 'see' the crimes of the powerful in this and many other contexts. (Hypnotists can induce a hypnosis in people to tell them that they can only see five chairs in the room, and not be able to see the chair just in front of their seat. Once brought back to 'normal' then the hypnotist asks the subject to cross the room and open a window, and the one who can't see the chair in one context, doesn't just walk straight into it on his way to the window, but knows well enough what it is that he mustn't see, so goes round it. Likewise people cans see/sense what it is (such as 911) that they mustn't let themselves see.) All very sad, but at least let us not add our denial (and contempt and ill will) about their denial to the basic problem of helpng scared people awaken.

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